Pain Relief is Linked to Music Listening Choices

Summary People who feel they have control over what music they hear experience more pain relief than people who don’t feel that way.

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A new study examines music listening as a way to relieve acute pain. It found that people who believed they could control the music they heard experienced more significant pain relief than those who weren’t.

These findings were presented by Dr. Claire Howlin, Queen Mary University of London (U.K.), and University College Dublin (Ireland) in PLOS One on August 3, 2022. mybrandplatform

Music can relieve pain, particularly chronic pain (lasting over 12 weeks). The underlying mechanisms of these benefits are unclear, particularly for acute pain (i.e., pain lasting less than 12 weeks).

Pain relief is not as dependent on essential musical characteristics like tempo and energy. Instead, it may be that being able to decide about music can be crucial.

Previous research has focused mainly on lab-based findings that didn’t explore real-world acute pain.

Howlin and his colleagues asked 286 people experiencing acute pain in real life to rate the pain after and before listening to a music track. It was to improve their understanding. Two versions of the track were created specifically for this purpose. Read Also: DMV Appliance

The researchers found that participants who felt they had control over the music experienced more excellent relief in their pain intensity than participants who were not given such an impression. Image is in the public domain timebusinesnews

Participants were randomly given either the high- or low-complexity version. Some were also randomly chosen to have the impression they had some control over musical qualities. However, they all heard the same track regardless.

Researchers found that participants who believed they could control the music felt more pain relief than those who didn’t. Participants enjoyed both versions of the song, according to questionnaires. However, no correlation was found between pain relief and music complexity. Read Also: good girl perfume

Participants who engaged more with music in their daily lives experienced more significant pain relief because they had control over the tracks used in this study. Read Also : razer blade 15 2018 h2

These results suggest that music choice and engagement are crucial to optimizing pain relief potential. Future research will examine the relationship between music selection and subsequent engagement and strategies to increase engagement to improve pain relief.

The authors conclude that music selection is essential in the well-being benefits we get from music listening. People tend to listen more attentively or carefully to the chosen music.

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