Things to Know about Canada’s Parent and Grandparent Program

 Things to Know about Canada’s Parent and Grandparent Program

Canada’s family class immigration gives citizens of Canada and old habitats to sponsor their guardian, i.e., parents and grandparents, with the help of a PGP (Parents and Grandparents program).

It is a sponsorship program. The sponsorship program benefits both parents and grandparents to live in Canada permanently. Your grandparents and parents are entitled to get all the facilities and benefits they are supposed to get. This may generally include getting a chance to live or to do a job in Canada irrespective of the place, time, and kind of sector. Apart from that, they can take the facility from a healthcare establishment that runs on public-funded money. In other words, it is a process of turning sponsored parents and grandparents into the residents of Canada. According to Canada’s immigration plan, which is held every year, about 20,000 fresh permanent residents have been registered as Canadian citizens via PGP.

 Eligibility Criteria of PGP Program

To become part of the parent and grandparent program, both the parties, like the sponsor and the people, need to meet a specific requirement to become eligible for the parent and grandparent program. Some of the requirements are assembled below:

  • Having a sponsor:
  • The sponsor should have a permanent address in Canada.
  • Should be able to meet income criteria.
  • They should be financially equipped to support their parents and grandparents.
  • Both parties should agree with the terms and policy of the sponsorship agreement.

You should provide to meet the financial needs of the sponsored person for a period of two to twenty years. However, it is sometimes based on the age of the sponsored person and the relation between you and the sponsored person.

Here Is How the Program Works:

Step 1:

If you want to become a sponsor, you need to submit an application or fillip a sponsor form. The sponsor form is released within a specific time.

Step 2:

After submitting the sponsor form, they will assess your form and eliminate any duplicates. The organization accepts the application of only potential sponsors.

Step 3:

You should get your application package within the deadline if you receive the invitation. Do not use expired forms, and you should not draft your application until you are told.

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