Parenting mistakes to stop making

 Parenting mistakes to stop making

There is no one manual that offers the perfect guide for parenting. Notwithstanding the learning curve, parenting is also contingent on your circumstances, your society, your context etc. Suffice to say, it is very hard. 

One misstep can have grave implications for your child, in not just that moment, but their future as well. 

Hence, parents need to be extra careful in their conduct. Some things that are universally a no-no, they need to quit on them right now for the sake of their child’s wellbeing. These include:

Screen usage 

Sometimes, digital devices do seem godsend, especially when they are able to distract your fussy child. But too much screen has implications for their health. It leads to disturbed sleep, which is a harbinger of problems that then may also require treatment from the Child specialist in Lahore

Moreover, screens also have an impact on the cognition and imagination of the child. Hence, you must limit their screen usage urgently, no matter how much ease they bring. 

Being absent 

It is pertinent that you be present in your child’s life. We know it is not always easy, especially when work and life otherwise is demanding, but your child must know that their parents are watching over them and are there for them. Parent’s role cannot be replaced by any au pair or family member otherwise. 


You have no idea the extent of damage that you do to your child when you compare them to others. It makes them feel unworthy. It also harms their self-esteem and increases frustration at their parents. Not only should you now compare them to other children, but even to their siblings as well. 

Conceding to them always 

When you say yes to everything that your child wants, either out of love or habit, is not good. It encourages your child to be complacent. It also makes them bratty. Therefore, do not concede to their every demand. 

Not discipling them

You need to be consistent with your disciplining. If you let matter slide sometimes, but catch them other times, you are not giving the correct signals to your child. Hence, it is imperative that you make proper ground rules that children have to abide by. 

Similarly, if you make empty threats, you will not be taken seriously by your children. Therefore, clear it in your head what you can follow through with, before saying them to your children. Decide the practicality of the disciplining tactics well in-time. 

Not teaching them how to handle failure

You always teach your children to succeed in life, give them skills to win, push them towards being first, but have you equipped them to deal with failure? 

It is just as important for your child to process failing, which is not always bad. It is when you make a mistake that you learn. 

Overtiring them 

We know that you want your child to succeed in life, but that does not mean that you schedule them for so many activities that rather than enriching their lives, these activities drain their energy. 

Too much stimulation also does not have a good impact on the child. They need time for some random activities that also foster creativity in them. 

Poor nutrition 

As a parent, you must know and realize the importance of good nutrition in your child. In this endeavor, you must decrease your dependence on processed food. Furthermore, it is vital that you get into the habit of reading labels, so you know the nutrient content of the food. 

Just because the wrapper says it has fruits does not mean the food is healthy. Similarly, juice packs may seem to be a healthy option, but they are laden with sugar. Therefore, seek awareness about the nutritional choices necessary for your child. You can also your Child specialist in Islamabad to guide you better in this regard. 

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