Pathways to Parking Lots: A Grounds Maintenance Guide for Property Managers

 Pathways to Parking Lots: A Grounds Maintenance Guide for Property Managers

Are you new to property management and are looking for some grounds maintenance tips? While the care that your property needs will differ based on your location, there are some seasonal maintenance routines that you will want to be aware of. 

For some exterior building maintenance tips and tricks, keep reading. Keep your properties in great shape by taking care of them on a seasonal basis. 

Prep the Lawn for Harsh Weather Conditions 

If you live in an area that sees cold conditions, it’s important to make sure that you are preparing your lawn for this harsh weather. Cold weather and snow can cause your lawn to die out, making it look brown and unattractive which can negatively affect the overall appearance. of your properties. For this reason, you will want to prep your lawn for winter so that it can make it through and be bright, lively, and green when spring rolls around.

To start, you will want to make sure you are regulating your watering routine once the temperatures begin to drop. For example, if you are in a cold location, you may need to stop watering altogether. You will want to mow the lawn to mow it to aerate and breathe before snowfall. 

You can also use a good and natural fertilizer to allow your grass to get the nutrients that it needs to last through cold weather seasons. Keeping the lawn clean of debris such as leaves and branches can help to prevent the buildup of water which can breed diseases and kill your grass. 

Maintain your Sidewalks and Asphalt 

It can be wise to have an expert take a look at your sidewalks and asphalt before snow and ice begin to appear in the winter months. If there are potholes or cracks in these areas, you should get them filled, as water can begin seeping in and destroy materials like asphalt. If there are low levels on your property that get filled up with water, you will want to have them filled and leveled for the best results.

This can help to avoid accidents such as slipping and falling, as can working to make sure your walkways are debris-free. This also makes clearing snow easier when it begins falling. Sealcoating parking lots can be a great maintenance option. 

Prune Shrubs and Trees  

You will also want to make sure to maintain your landscaping to improve the overall appearance. of your properties. When snow falls onto branches and trees, they can get weighed down, causing them to fall. Pruning trees with branches that look weak or those that are in high-traffic areas can be a great way to keep your landscaping in good shape while avoiding accidents or injuries. 

Grounds Maintenance Tips and Tricks

If you are a property manager, make sure to keep these seasonal grounds maintenance tips and tricks in mind to prepare for the colder months. 

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