Pediatric Dermatology London: Tips for children for better health 

Atopic dermatitis experienced by majority of the children is referred to as eczema. There is no clear cause for it like an allergy. According to the leading dermatologists, most eczema is likely to improve by taking proper skin care. Treating eczema immediately on its occurrence can help eliminate it and improve the skin.

Problems with Eczema

If contracted with eczema, skin is likely to crack and become itchy and dry. Germs may get inside through it to cause skin infections. However, with proper treatment, the skin’s protective barrier can be restored to its usual self. Appropriate skin care is sure to help heal the skin as well as prevent infection. Hence, Pediatric Dermatology London specialists suggest parents to follow a few tips to reduce eczema frequency and severity.

Bathing tips

  • Your child should bath in warm water and not too hot water.
  • Child’s bathing time is better limited to 5-10 minutes in the bath.
  • Cleanser is best used only if required. It should be fragrance-free and mild. Avoid bubble bath.
  • After bathing, pat gently partially dry your child’s skin.
  • In case, eczema is found to be frequently infected, then bleach bathing twice weekly can prove to be beneficial. You need to discuss this point with the knowledgeable dermatologist.
  • Apply moisturizer over the medicine as well as the remaining part of the child’s skin.
  • In case the child has medicine, apply it to the skin. Medicine should be applied if the child’s skin is dry. Apply medicine only as directed by the dermatologist.

Moisturizer selection tips

  • Fragrance-free products are more suitable for some children. You may consider using petroleum jelly. This fragrance-free product is quite affordable on the pocket. It works amazingly for most children.
  • While choosing moisturizer, do remember to select an ointment or a thick cream.
  • When choosing any product, try to sample different types. This allows ‘trial and error’ method. By experimenting the different types, you can finally identify one that best suits your child’s skin and needs.

Useful skin care tips

  • In case your child suffers from severe scratching and itching, discuss with the qualified Sebaceous Cyst Removal London on what steps to be taken.
  • Based on your child’s prevailing skin condition, the dermatologist might offer wet wrap therapy. It helps reduce swelling as well as reduce desire to scratch.
  • Apply moisturizer twice a day to derive the best results. It also helps avoid cracking and dryness while reducing eczema medication needs.
  • Always maintain comfortable humidity and temperature levels. Do not get into situations or places where air is found to be extremely dry. Perhaps, there can be placed where your child could get overheated and sweat profusely. It may cause scratch/itch cycle.
  • Ensure your child’s fingernails are kept smooth and short. It helps reduce chances of scratching that otherwise is likely to puncture the skin. Cotton gloves can be placed at night on your child’s hand to avoid scratching while sleeping.

Tips to wash clothes

  • Use only recommended detergent amount to wash your child’s clothes.
  • It will be useful to use laundry detergent created especially for sensitive skin. Scented dryer sheets or fabric softener might contribute towards irritation.
  • Wash new clothes before wearing them. It also helps eliminate excess fabric finishers and dyes, which otherwise is likely to irritate the skin.
  • Buy clothes that come without tags since the latter might rub against your child’s skin, thereby causing irritation.

Follow valuable expert tips

Do adhere to the tips provided by the qualified dermatologist. Remember, your child is precious and important in your life. Hence, it is your responsibility and duty to take adequate precautions to ensure he/she is in good health at all times.

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