Pencil drawings unique charm of a timeless technique

 Pencil drawings unique charm of a timeless technique

Pencil drawings unique charm of a timeless technique. With this tool, simple but with truly remarkable potential, we have become familiar with first with drawing and writing. It is the first and important step towards the creation of works, sometimes even artistically very interesting. As you can view by scrolling within the ninety images that make up our gallery, today, we deal with pencil drawings, offering you a rich and varied array of ideas from which you can take inspiration. You will find pencil drawings depicting the human face, women, and men in different poses and expressions, body parts such as eyes or hands. And, again, landscapes, monuments, and many, many animals.

Easy pencil drawings

In this port, you will find numerous images of pencil drawings that are easy to make with a sheet of paper and pencil. According to your skills, choose the drawing pad and the type of pencil. If you are not yet close with the modified drawing techniques, choosing the sketch you like best and copying it is the best thing.

Simple landscape easy pencil drawings

The landscape is a rather easy type of drawing to make. In the image gallery, you will find various proposals to be inspired by. Landscape painting has its main objective and theme, nature, and all the subjects that compose it, such as trees, mountains, sea, lakes, and flowers.

Female faces designs

Pencil drawings unique charm of a timeless technique

As you can view from the picture before, female face designs are quite difficult to make. So if you have decided to dedicate yourself to portrait drawing, it is important to have the right skills. Proportions are of great importance to succeed in this venture. The most difficult thing would be to copy the mouth, eyes, and facial features in the most exact way.

Simple pencil drawings to copy

As we have previously said, if you need to spend your free time immersed in drawing, choose quality materials. Based on the design you want to make, also choose the type of pencil and drawing sheet. If you have already chosen the design to copy, start with the most exposed stroke and continue with the other details.

Easy pencil drawings

Among the latter, the horses, spectacular both drawn at a gallop and stationary, the butterflies with their incredible decorations, but also eagles, owls, tigers, lions deserve a special mention. Flowers are also ad hoc subjects for pencil drawings, especially roses that lend themselves perfectly thanks to their compact petals. Sports and luxurious cars, famous people, from actors to singers up to the darlings of the little ones, are other ideal subjects for simple pencil drawings, of which you can find more than one example here.

Easy to draw images

Pencil drawings have a very particular and timeless charm; it is enough to scroll through the images to be fascinated by strong and precise lines, just hinted at or blurred, that can make the subject almost alive on paper. With the pencil in your hands, it is possible to shape real masterpieces, applying different techniques. However, it should note that not all of us are gifted with an artistic vein, such as creating splendid pencil drawings like those displayed in our gallery.

And even those who have the privilege of possessing this gift must practice a lot to hone their talent. If you have talent, passion, will, and desire to test yourself, many simple drawings begin with and then move on to more difficult concepts. Some drawings are easy to copy, perfect for practicing and spending your free time.

Behind the pencil drawings, there is a long and laborious study and preliminary sketches. Although they represent one of the most difficult proposals, we focus our attention on the faces. To start, the advice is to look for easy drawing images such as, for example, the one proposed below, with very detailed hair.

Drawings easy to copy

After having acquired, through the numerous video tutorials present online, the basic techniques relating to the right proportions between the various elements of the face, you can begin creating the first draft of a face. Patience, practice, and perseverance are the ingredients to achieve the goal of first making simple pencil drawings and then arriving at even more complex images, such as the truly amazing ones in 3D.

Surely you have focused on the image of the dragon that seems to come out of the sheet of paper or on the eagle that gives the impression of taking flight. Pencil drawings in three dimensions represent one of the most advanced stages in acquiring the various drawing techniques, but the final result is true of great impact. From ideas for making artistic square tattoos with landscapes that seem to have stopped in time, here you will find many ideas to make or have you made unique and surprising pencil drawings that will embellish your home with their timeless charm.


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