Personal information of the insurance

 Personal information of the insurance

Personal information of insurance

Personal information

Obviously, they will ask you to show your driver’s license and they will make a note of it. Not only is it important to confirm your address and identity, but Personal information is also used to assess your driving record (the insurer may request to review your driving record with the state department of motor vehicles).

Similarly, the insurer may initiate a detailed evaluation of your credit history, for which the broker will ask for your social security number. It must ensure the proper handling of your private information and indicate your rights with respect to the laws of your state.

If you’re having trouble finding a company to insure your car, either because of the type of car or your driving record, don’t despair, there are two options and you can read more about what to do when you can’t find insurance coverage for your car.

Comparison is the basis of saving on car insurance

Once the agent or broker has all the information, they will provide you with a quote of how much the total cost will be for each renewal period (either 6 months or 1 year) and the coverages that are included. So that you can hire the most appropriate insurance according to your case, you will need to compare with other similar companies and with the same lines, that is, if a company offers you a deductible of 500 dollars, ask for a quote from another company with the same deductible.

If you are financing your vehicle, they will ask for the name of the bank/lender, account number, address, etc. This is because when you buy a vehicle with financing, the title remains with the lender until you pay it off. If something were to happen to the car and the insurance had to write a replacement check for it, the bank may be entitled to insurance benefits before you, and the check may come out in both of your names.

Ask your agent how it works in your specific case and to explain what procedure to follow—and where to call—if you have a claim, accident or car problem and need to contact the insurance.

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