Photo Finder: What Is the Best Way to Find Duplicate Photos on Mac?

 Photo Finder: What Is the Best Way to Find Duplicate Photos on Mac?

Having backups for all your files can be an absolute lifesaver when you’re working. However, too many duplicate files accomplish nothing but slowing down your processing speed and load times. If you invest in the Mac ecosystem and take pictures from your iPhone, duplicate photos can be a major part of this issue.

So, how can you track down and delete duplicate photos from your computer, thus freeing up space and speeding up your machine? Here are a few methods that you should know about.

The Good: Learning How to Delete Duplicate Photos Manually

Finding and deleting duplicate photos from your computer manually is a decent, if time-consuming, method of handling your iPhone duplicate photos. To do this, you need to go to the Photos app. From there, you can follow one of two methods.

You can either sort your photos by date and delete the duplicates that way. Or, if you need to sort through a larger batch of photos, go to File, New Smart Album, and then select a Smart Album Name. After that, go through and Ctrl+click each of the duplicates before sending them to the trash bin. This process may take a few hours, depending on how many photos you have.

The Better: Using Disk Cleaner Apps

If the thought of spending hours sorting out how to delete duplicate photos manually doesn’t appeal, you can always download a disk cleaner app like DiskDrill. Many of these programs have built-in duplicate finder processes, including duplicate photo finders. However, while these utilities are useful, they may not be able to detect photos that are near-duplicates, but not exact copies.

Or, worse, they may delete the secondary copy of the photo that you wanted to keep to replace a bad first take. Most programs like this tend to prioritize the original (by date).

The Best: Using Dedicated Duplicate Finders

Of course, the best solution to hunting down duplicate photos is to use a dedicated program for the task. If you search “duplicate photo finder mac”, you’ll come up with a few different programs like Gemini II. However, the market is flooded with programs like this, and if you want to learn more about the best ones, you need to visit our friends at MacPaw for more information.

Many of these programs offer special filters or may present the duplicates to you so that you can decide which version of a file to keep.

Cleaning Duplicate Photos Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Duplicate photos can really slow down your Mac, especially due to their file size. Cleaning out all the extra copies of an image can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you follow our instructions to delete them manually or download a special utility for the job, you can learn how to delete duplicate photos from your Mac with relative ease.

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