Shooting people underwater is always a special shot that evokes amazing emotions. We talked about the intricacies and peculiarities of such shooting with a driving instructor,

Underwater Photography

As an active diving instructor, at one point I decided to combine my passion for photography and scuba diving. Due to the fact that I like to photograph in the fashion style on land, I decided to transfer this style underwater.

Why is model underwater photography a rather rare phenomenon nowadays?

Underwater Photography

This direction is still new and has been developed relatively recently. This is mainly due to technical limitations – such filming requires specialized equipment and a special studio. At the same time, there is a fairly large number of underwater photographers who shoot underwater and do not have experience in model shooting, on the one hand, and a fairly large number of photographers who shoot fashion on land, but without experience of underwater photography, on the other hand. My passion for photography coincided with my old love for the water element.

What kind of underwater shooting is there? Who usually orders them?

Shooting can be divided into private when the customer is a client who orders the shooting for himself and large projects where the customer is an organization (brand, store, or, for example, an oceanarium). Private shooting is not widespread since even renting an underwater studio is several times more expensive than a regular studio. Of course, this is not an obstacle for large projects. I recently finished shooting photographic material for the film “The Sleeping Beauty,” directed by Yana. The releases of the film have already begun to be published in the press with my photographs. I hope I will have the opportunity to tell our readers about these shootings in the future as a separate publication.

How difficult is it to photograph and be photographed underwater?

The situation here very much depends on what kind of shooting it is. So, for example, an unprepared person can shoot and film in an underwater studio. It is enough to hold your breath for 10-15 seconds; this is enough to make beautiful shots. Suppose we are talking about filming in the aquarium (I had experience filming in the fresh exposition in Crocus). In that case, the models need some freediving training, and a team of professional safety divers with the appropriate equipment must be present at the site. Filming at the Crocus Oceanarium took place at a depth of 4 meters with decorations and live fish, which, due to their size, the models were even afraid of at first.

Underwater Photography

Do you only shoot underwater models, or are there landscape shots?

I also have just filmed the underwater world. I travel a lot in the format of dive trips, and naturally, I can’t help but take pictures. Of the things that have made the most impressive in recent years, it was shooting cenotes in Mexico. The vast expanses of underground rivers, windows to the surface, and the fog of deep layers of water looked simply amazing even for me, a person with many years of diving experience.

Underwater Photography

What inspires you to shoot?

I often draw inspiration from the works of Patrick Demar chelier, Helmut Newton. The technique of working with light by Paolo Roversi is simply mesmerizing.

What are your next creative plans?

There are plans to organize underwater filming of models at sea. The implementation of this direction will require significant resources and the participation of a professional team.

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