Picnic Day Out: The Essential Tips to Add Epic-ness to Your Retreat

Picnics are a famous family retreat to the natural, green, and open spaces. It is the time to breathe in some fresh air, see the blooming flowers, and make numerous memories with your near and dear ones. With the sun shining, and natural greenery brimming to the fullest, it’s the time of the year of planning the elegant baskets, and enjoying amongst the vibrant colors.

Even though families in Dubai travel far and wide to get the best picnic spot, their preparations are always in place. Carefully planning the food, making the travel preps, and glamming up for the day, requires a great amount of planning before setting out.

With this, you might have already thought of prepping up for your picnic at one of the parks in Dubai. For that purpose, here is a compilation of some epic tips to elevate your picnic day. Scroll ahead to know more:

Picnics Are Centralized Around Food

Food is the most important component of the picnic. Everyone’s attention is focused on these edible items, prepared with love and care. Therefore, make sure to plan for the picnic menu. Your recipes should be quick and easy to make and transport while upholding the element of deliciousness. Food like sandwiches, wraps, pasta, salads, fruits, and drinks remain the most sought-after options. More so, barbeque-featured picnics also remain a highlight throughout the picnic season. Adults enjoy cooking the food, while kids pray around.

Picnic Blanket to Sit, Rest, and Relax On

The picnic blankets make the highlight of the day. The bigger the blanket is, the bigger the space is for them to rest and relax. Everyone can share this space comfortably and even enjoy the food conveniently. Moreover, it is also advised to look for a waterproof picnic blanket. This helps prevent you and your clothes from getting damp at times when the grass is damp. Also, it keeps the grass insects at bay, so you get to enjoy your picnic to the fullest.

Ice Bags and Cooler Bags

Planning a summer picnic day-out requires the hosts to take special care of the food, after all, it is still summer. And high time for the food to rot out quickly in the summer heat. As much as you want your food to stay warm, you still want to keep it protected from the summer heat. Therefore, incorporating ice bags and cooler bags allow your food to stay protected from excessive temperature and keeps them fresh until consumption.

These bags come in different sizes and sorts. One can get a separate one for keeping the drinks chilled and cool. What else can be better than quenching the thirst with delicious margaritas, and juices amidst green and blue hues of natural land!

Tissues and Wipes

Spilled juices, sticky fingers, and unexpected moments can come up at any time. Therefore, keeping a store of tissues and wipes is the best go-to solution for solving it out. Wipes also come in handy when everyone begins to eat food. Nevertheless, picnics are big for all the quick finger food, and every bite of that food calls a need to get wipes. Therefore, one should accept it, and come prepared for the picnic.

Umbrellas, Sunscreens, and Sunhats

With a lot to prepare for, umbrellas, sunscreens, and sunhats are not the first thing, that comes to our mind. Yet, it should never be the last one, either. They help you stay protected from the ultra-violet rays of sunshine. Applying a layer of SPF 30 or above will do the work. Make sure to cover all the visible skin and remain protected from sunburns.


No one can ever skip the idea of preparing good food. Yet, it cannot be said the same for the utensils. Make sure to bring along a supply of cups, plates, and spoons to conveniently consume the food. Since you will have to pack the food that is super easy to prepare and transport, disposable utensils work the best.

After the picnic is over, one will have to search and pack everything up. There is an equal amount of chance that you might lose a few forks or spoons, as you wind up your picnics or even camps in Dubai. Therefore, it is important to minimize these additional risks and remain stress-free. Once the picnic wraps, gather the garbage and dispose of it away in the waste bin.

Wrap it Up

Picnics are some of the best times of the year. Hosts send their time and energies perfecting it and later cherishing the moments spent together. Incorporation of entertainment like cards, Frisbees, or some other sporty games also adds an attractive and healthy feature to the day. Therefore, incorporate these tips and translate these epic tips as a cherry on top of your picnic day!

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