Pillowcases can be made out of the following types of silk.

 Pillowcases can be made out of the following types of silk.

You will feel great and look good if you purchase a silk pillowcase. It is luxuriously woven and has a soft feel. An all silk pillowcase is a great choice for hot weather. Charmeuse and mulberry pillowcases of high quality are available with a 16-22 momme weight. This is the amount of silk that is used. Silk with a low motherme number is fragile, while silk with a high number is stiff.

Silky Charmeuse

Charmeuse silk pillowcases feel and look like they belong at a luxury hotel or spa. The front fabric is satin-sheen and the back, also known as crepe back, has a dull finish. Charmeuse, known for its shine, gives your headboard a little sparkle. Look for 100% charmeuse pillowcases instead of thin, plain weaves with different textures such as pongee. Chartreuse pillowcases are rich in colour and feel great because they are breathable, smooth, and comfortable.

Mulberry silk

Mulberry silk has long fibers which make it a great fabric. Mulberry silk is used to make soft, but strong pillowcases. The foundation for mulberry fibres is made from cocoons spun by silkworms. This is what gives silk its natural texture and natural properties. The silk’s threads can be dyed and woven into fabric that can be used for pillow covers. Mulberry silk pillowcases are waterproof and stain-resistant. They are stylish and durable.


Fine sheer fabric with a rough texture similar to silk. Chiffon silk is made from very fine threads that have been twisted together. It is lightweight and has some stretch. It is ideal for layering and making things appear larger. A chiffon overlay makes dresses for special events and weddings look elegant and flowing. This can be used to make a scarf, blouse, or shirt.


Crepe-de-chine, a plain-weave fabric with a muted shine that is soft and floaty, has a unique crimped texture. There are also georgette and Moroccan crepes. Crepe-de chine is lightweight and has great drape. This fabric is great for summer dresses, blouses and camisole tops.


This double-thread silk is simple and tight-woven. It has a crisp texture. A strong, durable fabric with shiny finishes is possible by using different-sized threads in the warp and weft. The weave is dotted with black specks. These are part of the silkworm’s cocoon when it was young. Shot silk is a type that is full of character and charm. Shot silk is made by weaving together two different colours of threads. Dupion can be used to make elegant dresses, jackets, evening wear, and bridal wear.


Georgette is a sheer, light-weight plain-weave fabric made from very tightly twisted yarns. Although Georgette isn’t as strong as Chiffon it still has many of the same characteristics. Georgette silk is soft and doesn’t wrinkle. Many people love to make Georgette silk clothes, including blouses, evening dresses, scarves and pillowcases.

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