Play Chess Online and Earn Bitcoin

 Play Chess Online and Earn Bitcoin

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If you thought amateur chess cannot be productive, the sMiles app would surely change your mind!

There are many malicious apps around that promise to generate passive income to lure people in. These apps eventually sell your private data. But, there are a few legit apps that deliver on their promise, one such app is the sMiles Bitcoin app!

This app essentially rewards users for being physically active. You can walk for some time, do some shopping or take a few surveys. All of these actions would reward you with some Satoshi. A Satoshi (or sat in short) is the most fundamental unit of a bitcoin, each Bitcoin consists of 100 million sats.

The most exciting feature of the app is that it also integrates the game of Chess into its system. The app would impress both beginner & amateur level chess players, as they can potentially earn bitcoins by doing what they love!

How to play chess on the sMiles Bitcoin app? 

  • The setup procedure of the app is quite easy & will let you play chess in no time! First, download the app on your Android or iOS smartphone.
  • Register yourself by creating your account by using your existing mail id or create a new one.
  • Now, you can play chess against the app AI. You can either choose from a spectrum of basic (low rating, low difficulty) to advanced levels (high rating, higher difficulty).
  • Beating the AI at the level of your choice would net you sats. The more you play, the more sats you get!
  • You can also try & solve easy to difficult chess puzzles. This would sharpen both your tactical & positional understanding. Solving chess puzzles also brings in more sats to your in-app wallet as a reward.
  • There’s an unlimited number of chess puzzles in the app for you to solve & keep increasing your bitcoin collection!

The popularity of online chess worldwide

According to a UN survey, almost 70% of adults in the US, UK, Germany, Russia & India have played chess at some point in their lives. has over 3.6 million active users with over 15 million users in total! The International Chess Federation (FIDE) estimates the total number of chess players worldwide to be around 605 million – which is insane!

This only goes to show that the game of chess is set to grow more & more in the coming years & get even more audience. More audience means more funding in form of advertising & ultimately more rewards for chess players!

Final Thoughts

Chess is only going to grow bigger & have mass appeal in the coming years. Internet users can take this opportunity to develop their chess skills. The sMiles app does exactly that & also rewards players with bitcoin. 

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