9 Tips To Customize Your Pool Table

 9 Tips To Customize Your Pool Table

Pool Table

Pool tables are one of the most convenient and easiest ways to enjoy with friends, colleagues, guests, or family at home. There are several best places to buy pool tables online without wandering into the physical markets. Sometimes you don’t want to buy the standard pool tables but want something according to your requirements. Here is some good news for you that you can customize pool tables easily to get a new design, style, size, and even shape. It’s beneficial for those who want to have a beautiful pool table homemade according to their desire.

When you browse online, you will find infinite ways to customize pool tables. Not all of them are true and authentic. Therefore, we have shortlisted the top 10 tips to customize your pool table as you want. Let’s get deeper into the details!


This word might be new for some beginners but remember that it’s one of the most fundamental parts of every it. Different brands offer different felt types, such as Napped and Worsted, but the former is considered a standard. Moreover, they are further available in different qualities; therefore, choose them wisely. Check out the pros and cons of both types, check your requirements, and buy the most suitable felt type for yourself. For high-quality, we always recommend to have worsted cloth.

Table Size

Most pool tables are made in specific sizes, such as 7ft, 8ft, and 9ft long in length. What if you have tight space in your pool table room or in the office? Don’t worry; our customization tips will help you at this point. Always buy 7ft or 8ft pool tables with different customization options. The options will help you customize it according to your needs and requirements. A 7ft table can be converted to an 8ft table and vice versa. Don’t forget to note down the size of pools as they affect the overall table size.

Moreover, if you are stuck on what size to buy for a pool table, here is the simple step. Pick up the measuring tape and measure the space. Leave enough distance to play it easily surrounding the table. This step helps you buy the right size of table.

Accessories Kits

Like other supports, pool tables also have different types of accessories. You need to give special attention before buying pool table kits. It’s important to choose the right type of accessories kit to customize the pool table. Some pool table kits contain additional cleaning accessories, chalks, and more.

Remember that your chosen pool table kit should show off your personal style. We are talking about style here. Match the color and design of the accessories with a pool table to give a wow look in front of the guests.

Dining Tops

Sometimes you don’t own a big house but can’t skip playing the pool table at home after a hectic routine. What to do in such a situation? Don’t worry; we have brought you an awesome tip. Always buy a pool table that can be used as a dining table. Yes, we are talking about the multifunctional pool table. Some pool tables offer a removable dining top. It can easily convert your pool table into a dining table to relish a delicious dinner.

Another fact is that such tables can be placed in the dining room as a classy choice for homes. Eat your favorite food at the top of the pool table and enjoy playing with your family, friends, or colleagues after that. You don’t need to worry about cleanliness as the dining top will project the tablecloth. So, it’s the best way to customize your pool table and use it for two different purposes without any issues.


Installation is one of the most prominent issues while buying customized pool tables. If you are one person at home, we don’t recommend you do this task alone. The reason is that there are several things where two persons are required for the installation. Moreover, all the pool tables having different sizes offer distinctive weights ranging from 750-1000 pounds.

Always buy a pool table that comes in different parts. More table parts offer easy and convenient installation. If you are a DIYer, you can only make it a DIY task if you buy a pool table with different assembly options. Another reason is that such pool tables are easy to transport from one room to another, especially revamping your home.

Let us tell you another benefit of such pool tables. You can detach all the assembly parts and store them easily in the corner of a room. This way, it will not occupy much space and will be safe from any damage.


It’s one of the most important things to consider to customize your pool table. The slate should be of high quality to get a qualified performance at the pool table. The playfield can be of two materials, i.e., wood or slate. However, professionals always recommend going for slate as it has more pros than cons. They also come in single or triple pieces, but triple pieces are easy to use.

Moreover, we also recommend choosing a slate according to your needs and requirements. Don’t forget to prefer your needs to get the highest performance with friends, family, or colleagues. The slate makes the ball movement easier, reduces friction, and better performance.


Pool table legs play the role of foundation as they take all the heavy lifting. Therefore, they should be sturdy and of high quality and support the table. Unlike the body, legs also come in different sizes and shapes according to the weight of the pool table. For a heavy-weight table, it’s always better to choose high-width legs or bigger legs. They are perfectly suitable to balance the table.

There are two types of legs available in the market, i.e., post legs and industry-standard legs. Post legs are crafted from a single piece and are a great source of reliable support. On the other hand, standard legs come in two different styles, such as quad anchor and single anchor. We recommend you check your selected pool table size and pick up legs according to that.


Rails, also called pool table cushions, are readily available in different qualities. Made from gum blends or natural gum to give the ball the right amount of bounce. Always choose a high-quality synthetic material with clay filters to get long-lasting performance. The reason is that the clay dries out with time, and it looks like you are losing the bounce on the table. Therefore, it’s also necessary to maintain the rails after some time to enjoy the pool table non-stop.


Clothes are of different types but always choose tear-resistant cloth. It works best for customized pool tables because of its stain-resistant nature. Moreover, it’s an elegant color for the game room.


In conclusion, these are the tips to get a highly customized pool table for your home or office. Customized pool tables are the primary choice of most customers due to their reliability, flexibility, and convenience. Always keep the tips mentioned above in mind to enjoy the pool table at its peak.

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