Coding Issues in Power Mobility Devices Billing and Tips to Prevent Them

 Coding Issues in Power Mobility Devices Billing and Tips to Prevent Them

Power Mobility Devices Billing

The coding intricacies in power mobility devices billing are deeply associated with Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) Level II codes and Medicare’s policies. Being one of the most complex areas, coding in power mobility not only needs comprehensive attention but also a complete understanding of coding guidelines and position. This is because simple coding mistakes are easy to make, but the consequences of the mistake ensure lost revenue which can really drain the finances of your practice management. In fact, here are few common  power mobility Coding and billing mistakes:

  • Sloppy paperwork and documentation – improper documentation and paperwork lead to coding errors and incorrect billing. Misreading diagnosis may also contribute to incorrect documentation work and improper revenue generation.

  • Unbundling – when the incorporation of a single code is avoided for the joint procedure and instead separate codes for each procedure are used it is known as unbundling; where the chances of the total claims amount increase. This illegal act at times creates huge coding complications.

  • Upcoding – when the codes are not properly incorporated and instead new billing codes are used for expensive service than what was actually done, upcoding happens.

  • Undercoding- when at times healthcare practices end up billing for the services or treatment which is not rendered, undercoding happens.

  • Duplicate billing – when practices without any track of billing operation and end up billing the same person twice for the same services and treatment for multiple times which has been performed only once; cause duplicate billing etc

As any of them could be the reason for power mobility devices billing  and coding errors and the reason for your denial or rejection rates remain high; you not only have to be careful but need the right operational extension to ensures complete billing support. This is where Sunknowledge experts can help.

Understanding the industry mandates coding, regulations and being updated with new codes regularly, Sunknowledge Services Inc today delivers unparallel billing and coding assistance to many leading names in the industry.

With efficient communication, follow ups and proper checks, our experts not only reduce your billing and coding errors but also prevent them; increasing your cash flow.

Saving a huge expanse of operational cost, we today have excellent business references across the industry. In fact, ensuring proper attention, we today are known for reducing errors in power mobility devices billing and coding process with a guaranteed highest collection.

So what are you waiting for? Call us right now and you can avoid all your coding errors, claims denial in your power mobility devices billing process with secure reimbursement.


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