PR kits and PR boxes – Where can you customize them?

 PR kits and PR boxes – Where can you customize them?

The type of packaging you use determines a lot about your business PR. When determining what to include in your PR kit, it is important to include ideal packaging for the products you are selling and that packaging ought to be customized packaging.

If you have a business in Singapore and looking for a way to show you a new product consider putting it in a customized package. The design box will attract everyone. Even those you have hired for PR ought to use customized packaging to attract attention.

Even if you are doing online PR, the packaging you will be using to package the products will determine if the customers will be attracted to the product or not. Remember, you are not selling the product, but you can stand out by using design boxes to package your product for your customers.

More so, if you are launching a new product, PR is a must. The best way to have your PR strategy stand out is to package the product in customized packaging. The potential customers will be attracted to the package even before looking at the product.

If you are have been looking for where to get a PR kit in Singapore, you have come to the right place. Here you will get to learn where in Singapore. In addition, you’ll also get to know what PR box is all about, the benefits of including design boxes in your PR kit singapore, and things to consider when selecting where to get customized PR boxes.

What is a PR box?

A PR box refers to a customized package that you may deliver to a select group of clients or social media influencers. The branded PR box displays your products and symbolizes your brand, hoping that your audience will tell their friends about it.

We’ve built PR boxes for real estate, retail, food & beverage, resorts, and even manufacturers, but they’re most utilized in the beauty industry. Custom packaging may be an effective marketing tool for memorably showcasing your products and brand.

PR boxes can assist your business in a variety of ways.

Every business, regardless of size, relies on its reputation to succeed. Using PR box packaging design will help your company grow and improve its image. Even though PR has the ability to reach a huge audience, giving firms a larger platform and greater legitimacy, it is sometimes disregarded.

Increases Credibility

From clients’ viewpoint, being viewed as a trustworthy and honest organization is a huge advantage. The employment of PR boxes lends credibility to your company and brand. Customers will also trust your products as a result of this.

People will keep talking about your business because of the design box you’ll use. The tales that surface in the media and on the internet are often unbiased because these messages do not come directly from your organization. This enables a more authentic conversation with customers, which can help your company gain credibility.

Increase the brand’s value

Custom packaging satisfies safety criteria while also serving as an effective branding tool. With its quality and customization, your box is a tangible object that buyers will feel and build brand perception.

Imagine receiving a product in a simple, boring brown box instead of a great bespoke packaging that provides a complete, polished user experience from a customer’s perspective.

The first alternative is generic and would not tempt a purchase, whereas the second option goes above and beyond the customer’s expectations and creates a “WOW!” moment. This one ‘WOW!’ moment can have a big impact on customer retention and word-of-mouth marketing (WOM). It improves the whole experience and aids in the long-term growth of your brand.

What to consider when choosing customized PR boxes packaging

It doesn’t matter if it’s a tiny beauty product or a delicious item; the packaging is completely up to you. Customized packaging is currently a popular alternative for mailing cosmetics, bakery items, and electronics products, and it has proven to be critical for effectively marketing the product.

Because beauty goods vary in size, shape, and style, many companies use cardboard packaging. Electronic equipment is similarly delicate and sensitive, and you’ll want to keep them safe in a box. As previously specified, you can choose extra cushioning to keep the item secure while shipping.

Whatever option you choose, there are a few things to think about before committing to bespoke packaging:


It is preferable to experiment with various packaging materials. The most prevalent ones that offer toughness and durability are kraft and cardboard.

 With micro-flute corrugated material, they can support additional attraction. It’s also excellent for increased security. Look for different options on the market that might be more appropriate for your product and target market.

Colour and finish.

Colour selection and finishing are two of the most significant aspects of the customized process. It’s critical to set your product apart from the competitors.

One simple technique to gain quick recognition is to choose a colour scheme based on your brand theme and link it to your products. For the iPhone 12 Pro series, Apple used matte black packaging to provide premium users with a more elegant and opulent experience. How you create and produce is up to you, but colour and finishing are the most important factors.

 Share and size

Consider the form and size of your crates as well. You can adapt them to your product’s measurements to avoid any negative publicity. Although it reduces the likelihood of unnecessary waste, it impacts your overall costs.


Make magic with your boxes by focusing on a specific theme. For example, you could introduce a new series of boxes with a red and white colour scheme for Christmas or utilize flowery artwork to kick off the spring season.

Your package should be consistent with your brand image to stand out in the market. This may appear to be a one-time effect, but if you stick with it, you’ll see a favourable influence among your regular customers.

These are a few reasons why retailers and customers think personalization is so important. When planning and creating your bespoke product packaging, you should consider these considerations.

Where can you customize PR kits and PR boxes?

PR demands the appropriate approach at the right time, but when done well, it may truly assist a company in achieving its objectives.

Being promoted by reputable news sources will aid your business’s growth by increasing brand recognition. Furthermore, clients with a favourable perception of your business will ultimately assist sales to grow, which can only be a good thing.

If you’re looking for customized PR boxes in Singapore, go no further than papercarpenter. They create PR boxes to share with the influencer community.

The PR box design will incorporate everything you want, including your logo. Each PR box will be designed to be filled with various things, all of which have been carefully chosen for their specific use.

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