some tips for time management between the prelims crash course and the Mains?

 some tips for time management between the prelims crash course and the Mains?

Mission Prelims

Here’s how to prevent it for prelims crash course

  1. Stop the cut-off game of prediction after Prelims. It is not helpful to anyone. A lot of people spend more than a year in this scenario, only to have to work hard to get momentum to prepare for Mains in the event that they pass Prelims.
  2. Don’t devote all of your amount of time World History after Prelims. This section of the Mains syllabus is typically not covered prior to Prelims.
  3. Aspirants are prone to do too much World History preparation later on. This isn’t necessary. In the ideal scenario it is recommended that no more than 3-4 questions should be asked from this section.
  4. In the ten days that follow the Prelims exam, which a lot of us spend by daydreaming the possibilities are to go through YouTube videos on GS 4- Ethics.
  5. They are extremely helpful in this situation. This will ensure that you do not overwork yourself with heavy-weight Mains studies, but use your time for efficient use.
  6. The compulsory language test should not be viewed as a problem. I suggest that aspirants take it off for the last 15 days prior to Mains.
  7.  As of now, you require only 75 of the 300 marks to pass the test. In addition, if you are able to handle understanding and translating sections effectively will help you get through.
  8. Don’t waste time every day to study for this exam. Simply finish the five years of papers you have completed along with some grammar basics and writing skills within the last two weeks prior to the exam.
  9. If you are not absolutely required, do not taking part in the numerous special courses and crash courses that coaching institutes develop in the aftermath of Prelims.
  10.  The three months in between Prelims to Mains is all about self-preparing’. It is only possible by spending time in self-study, note making and revising, etc. Coaching institutes’ new inputs are not needed at this time.

The time between the mains and prelims is the most important part in your training. If you’ll pass or not, or if you’ll be able to get into the desired classes completely depends on your ability to manage this particular time. It is a fact that I can’t stress enough!

In order to ensure a better management of time between the mains and prelims it is essential to ensure that you’ve completed all static materials and current events

that are related to GS and optionally prelims crash course  from the perspective of mains before the time of prelims, i.e., for. three months prior to exam time. In addition, you should have reviewed these topics at least two times prior to the taking the exam!

A few tips to better time management in mains and prelims include:

  1. You are cut out of all the social media platforms, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram. Change to a less than smart phone!
  2. Start your preparation for your mains three days after your  prelims crash course .
  3. Don’t be patient waiting for the results to be announced. Be prepared, even if you are convinced that you’re not going to get through! The effort you put into it won’t go to waste!
  4. Create a timetable and make sure you adhere to it!
  5. Keep telling your mind it’s a do or die scenario. It’s today or not!
  6. It is not the time to start reading new books. Try to limit your new books as much as you can except for current events, and also REVISE by REVISING, REVISING and REVISING! For IAS Coaching in Delhi
  7. Create at least 30-mock tests to pass GS along with 12 tests to test your other subjects. Keep in mind that, when it comes to the level of knowledge, students who pass the mains or fail it are equal in terms of understanding. It is important to know if they are able to deliver within those three hours, every day.
  8. The only way I’ve found to know how one can accomplish this is to make mocks after mocks in an exam! (I would create 2 mocks every day for 5 consecutive days in order to simulate exam similar conditions)
  9. Make sure you eat a balanced diet as the period between mains and prelims is mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting. Be sure your body is ready to handle it. Be prepared for the increase in weight during this period. The weight will be gone during LBSNAA:). A healthy diet will ensure you don’t waste time becoming sick!
  10. Don’t waste your time worrying about low marks in mock tests. Note down any mistakes you make and make them as quick as you can.


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