Principle and working of PSA onsite oxygen generator

 Principle and working of PSA onsite oxygen generator

We know that air is a mixture of different gases in different percentages. Nitrogen and oxygen are found in abundance in nature and have a variety of uses. Trimech India uses a high-tech process to obtain oxygen in its purest form for industrial use. Production of PSA oxygen is one of the best ways to achieve the oxygen purity required by industry. PSA oxygen Plants are a boon to industry and the medical field because of their usefulness and possible applications.

Principle: The PSA oxygen Plants has one typical way of separating oxygen from the air mixture. To make it oxygen-rich, the process uses a synthetic zeolite molecular sieve that absorbs nitrogen, leaving behind concentrated oxygen gas. Therefore, oxygen gas is obtained as the final product.

Operation: The PSA oxygen Plants has simple but effective operation. It consists of two vessels covered with a zeolite molecular sieve to absorb nitrogen gas from the air mixture. The compressed air mixture flows through a vessel over one of the absorbers where the filter absorbs nitrogen gas. The remaining oxygen then passes through a sieve to be collected as a final product. At some point the first absorber is almost full. During this time, the intake valve is opened so that the air mixture can flow through the second absorber. The absorbent is regenerated by desorbing the nitrogen by lowering the column pressure. A continuous process between the two vessels that carry out production and regeneration. However, the entire PSA oxygen plant process is cleverly controlled by opening and closing the valves.

PSA oxygen generator

The oxygen obtained from this process is used by industry for various purposes. Trimech India is a PSA Oxygen Equipment manufacturer and supplier. We have served the needs of various application sectors for many years.

Most of the industrial owners prefer to install PSA oxygen generators for several reasons such as:

  1. The process is economical
  2. It saves
  3. Reduce warehouse work
  4. Available 24*7 or whenever needed

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