Professional Carpet Torn Repairers – How They Work?

 Professional Carpet Torn Repairers – How They Work?

Living in a carpeted room gives you a luxurious vibe. It adds a pop of color and brings coziness to any area, making it more comfortable. There’s no denying that a good carpet can bring life to a dull space.

Unfortunately, carpets can develop tears if a heavy item is dragged on it or if your pet scratches the carpet using their sharp nails and teeth, aside from normal wear and tear. It is important to fix torn carpets before they become irreversibly damaged.

For many carpet torn repairs Hobart is not a feasible option. On the other hand, it may appear difficult to repair a ripped carpet at home using DIY hacks, but it isn’t. If you try to repair torn carpets you can successfully save a lot of money and your carpet will look brand new!

So, let’s understand how professional carpet is torn repair service providers do the job!

Gather Your Supplies

Before starting to repair torn carpet you need to gather a few supplies and here’s what you need:

A Donor Carpet-Your donor carpet is going to save your current carpet. So, if your carpet has some leftovers from installation then it’s fantastic. Else, you need to take a piece out from your current carpet. Make sure you cut out a patch from underneath the bed or furniture.

Carpet Knife- It’s sharper and has a better grip than a typical box cutter. The actual advantage of a carpet knife is that it makes cutting straighter and cleaner.

Carpet Tape- Heavy-duty carpet tape is required. One-sided tape is great because you simply need to stick the replacement piece to the current carpet. Because you don’t have to remove the sticky backing on both sides of double-sided tape, it will work.

After you have gathered these tools, now it is time to understand how to repair torn carpets at home. So, continue reading further for more information.

Steps To Repair Torn Carpet

After inspecting your carpet’s condition and gathering the necessary tools, it is time to repair carpets at home. For repairing carpet tears you should follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1– Use a screwdriver for marking lines along the borders of the damaged area on the carpet.These lines will help you in cutting the carpets. Make sure the lines are at least half-inch away from the damaged area of the carpet.

Step 2- Now, it is time to cut the carpet line you’ve just marked with your carpet knife. Make every effort to make your cuts straight and without much damage. Feel free in doing a few trial cuts, in case you have spare carpets at your home.

Step 3- This cut-out portion of the carpet can be used as a template for the donor carpet. Check if the nap of your old carpet matches the nap of your new carpet.

What exactly is a nap?A carpet’s elevated strands run in a specified direction. If the direction of the fiber isn’t the same your carpet will appear repaired and flawed. Moreover, it is important to take care of the carpet nap especially if there are patterns and colors on the carpet. It is important to give your carpet a flawless look so it can last long.

Step 4- Cut four strips of carpet tape making sure the length is slightly longer than the patches. Remove the carpet tape after you have done a dry run. Now it is time to place the carpet tape in such a way that half of the tape lies beneath the carpet backing while the other half remains on the carpet patching.

Step 5- be cautious when removing the carpet adhesive tape backing. If the carpet tape is double-sided be sure to remove the one-sided backing first. Pull the carpet up using one hand and slide the carpet tape in its place. Perform this same step for the rest of the damaged area.

Step 6- It’s now time to put the replacement piece in place. For a flawless finish, make sure you begin from one corner. Press the edges gently and proceed in the direction of the carpet nap.

Step 7- To blend the fibers of the carpet, the experts use a spiky roller known as a “carpet tractor,” but you can use a rolling pin instead. Using a pair of sharp scissors you can trim any excess strands. Later, cover the repaired carpet area with a stack of books and leave it to sit.

Final Words

Now you know how easy it is to repair a carpet torn at home. Follow our guide properly and repair your carpets flawlessly at home! In case you are not confident enough, make sure you hire carpet repair experts and give a new life to your carpets! So, what are you waiting for? Contact Carpet Repair Hobart and hire professionals for affordable carpet repair services!

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