Programming Languages That’ll Become Obsolete in the Coming Years

 Programming Languages That’ll Become Obsolete in the Coming Years

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Whether you are a computer science student or just a tech geek, you might be looking to learn a future-proof programming language. Several languages offer different features and functionalities. But, many of them will become obsolete in the coming years. Working so hard to master a language that won’t even be helpful in the next years is a waste of time and effort. There are also numerous website builders sites on the internet where you can build a website for free without any hard work. So, here are seven languages you should avoid and save your time:

1.      Objective-C

Objective C was one of Apple’s first programming languages to develop different system apps. However, this language is over 35 years old, and iOS developers no longer use it. Instead, they prefer using Apple’s latest development language, Swift. It’s is the latest development language. Developers prefer using Swift as it offers more features and better compatibility. Therefore, Apple might decide to kill Objective-C soon.

2.      C

C is among the most common programming languages. If you are a computer science student, you might’ve studied this language at least once. Using C, you can develop applications for different platforms and operating systems. However, is C a good language to learn for the future? No! Apps require a lot more functionalities these days. C was a great language back in the day. However, it just can’t keep up with the requirements of developers these days. Many companies have already moved on to other popular programming languages. C and C++ are thus likely to become obsolete in the next five years.

3.      Ruby

Have you ever heard of the website and app development platform Ruby on Rails? Well, it’s based on a programming language named Ruby. It’s the famous counterpart of Python. Unfortunately, while developers can produce apps and websites rapidly using Ruby, the versatility of this language is quite restricted. Secondly, it takes a lot longer to learn this language. So, while Ruby is still a pretty useful language, it’s gradually losing the trust and interest of developers.

4.      R

R is a programming language normally used for statistical analysis. It is an alternative to Python, an amazing data science language. From linear regression to modeling, you can implement a variety of statistical analysis methods using R. However, developers don’t prefer using R and use Python instead. Many believe R is a lot more complex, making coding difficult. As Python is quite popular in data science, R might become obsolete in the coming years.

5.      Flash

Flash was a graphics and animation development platform introduced by Adobe in 1996. For over 20 years, websites and applications have used Flash for multiple animation-based functions. However, since the launch of HTML5 , developers have lost interest in Adobe’s language. HTML5 provides a lot more versatility and features. However, many current devices are not compatible with Adobe Flash apps. Therefore, this language is outdated and is not receiving any updates.

Furthermore, we have had many questions from students about which language is best for web design. To improve yourself, we recommend that you read blogs every day and watch videos on YouTube.

6.      Perl

Perl is a server-side programming language mostly used to create CGI applications. It was popular due to its amazing text processing abilities, where it can extract data from text files. Perl was also compatible with numerous database management systems, including Sybase, Oracle, and MySQL.

If it was such an excellent language, why did programmers lose interest in Pearl? The reason is developers wanted to add more power-consuming features to their apps, which made Perl complicated. So, when they tried to update Perl, they faced many limitations. Finally, at one point, Perl creators decided this language is no longer updatable and will not meet the technical requirements of the near future. This might be a reason why it is rarely used these days.

7.      ColdFusion

Many of you might not even know about this language. It’s an app development platform created by Adobe. Despite being updated regularly, ColdFusion has a very limited user base. Adobe recently launched ColdFusion 11, which has more advanced features, making development a lot easier and smoother. Still, the market has extremely minimal interest in this platform for a few reasons. These include poor debugging, no package manager, and various other performance issues. Like Flash, Adobe might kill off support for ColdFusion at some point.


The world is advancing rapidly. Many technologies we use right now might become outdated in the next five years. Therefore, you should consider learning skills which will be in demand in the coming years. The above mentioned languages have been around for decades, but they couldn’t keep up with the demands of the developers and are thus, out of favour. Moreover, If you are facing any difficulty while coding then you can visit Convex Interactive where they are providing mobile app development services in Pakistan as well as in other countries.

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