A description of the promotional products industry in Australia

Promo items are a great way for companies to promote their products or to get people to notice them. What is it that makes promotional gifts so popular? What are the most effective promotional gifts?

The market leader in marketing is the promotional pen. These promotional pens are cost-effective, very useful, and easy for brands to use. Promo pens are an excellent example of how to create a product that is memorable.

The promotional products industry was established in the early 1900s. Merchants began to sell calendars printed with logos to customers as gifts. This was done to remind clients and promote the business via the gift item.

Since then, calendars have occupied a significant portion of the industry. This is also shared with bags and writing instruments, which each have around 8%. The largest category of promotional products in the industry is wearables. They account for around 30%. This includes T-shirts and uniforms (caps, helmets), jackets, footwear and caps. The industry comprises 50% of wearables, calendars and writing tools. Crystal awards make up 3.6% of the industry’s recognition and trophies categories. These percentages may vary from year to year. This is an average of 2008 and 2009 published figures.

Distributors and suppliers are the two major players in the promotional products au industry. Distributors are key in selling products to end customers from different suppliers. Only distributors can purchase products from suppliers. A supplier can carry its products based on their connections, knowledge, and experience with the manufacturer. It’s usually a product line the supplier is familiar with or has specialized. Distributors are able to build strong relationships with suppliers because they have lots of experience.

Distributors can be of any size, from small family-owned businesses to large corporations employing hundreds. About half of all businesses are owned by companies with more than 2 million dollars in annual sales. Members will include most suppliers and distributors. They organize trade shows, gather information and publish it.

It is possible to drastically alter the structure of the above mentioned structures thanks to the internet. Online sales allow clients to bypass the middleman and many companies sell their products or services online. Nearly 20% of all orders placed by distributors are made through websites.

Promo products are an important service industry. Many products and skills can be used to grow this industry. Small businesses have many options. The overall economic downturn in 2009-2010 had an impact on the industry. It will continue to expand over the long-term. The industry will face more challenges from new technologies, such as websites and dollar value.

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