Proof that the downturn in the auto industry is over

 Proof that the downturn in the auto industry is over

Here’s more proof that the recession and all that pesky banking system is over. Today I went to the local car auctions.

Now I just don’t believe that anyone who says the auto industry is in a recession isn’t. The prices of used cars are, frankly, unbelievable! ’06’ cars (three or four years old) cost up to £5,000, in some cases up to £6k. This is amazing when you can buy a new car for about the same amount with some compromises.

Sure, the second car conundrum is so simple,

A dealer’s first port of call is to swap garage parts, but as new car sales have stagnated, more people are scrambling for fewer inventories, hence the premium on the price of used cars. Also, more and more people are buying almost new cars instead of new cars, so the value of a used car has gone up, which is a bit of an odd move. If you open the glass guide, you’ll see in the far column that the numbers have a + where they usually have a -, indicating how much the price of the skrotning af bil has risen or fallen in the past month.

In addition, the lack of supply of used vehicles

 On the market is further exacerbated by weak sales among corporate fleets. Fleet sales typically represent a large percentage of total new car sales. Little or no replacement fleet. The trend in today’s difficult environment is to delay replacement. As a result, many franchise car dealers have had to reinvent themselves as “used” dealers to make money, putting even more pressure on the dwindling supply of used cars. Auction houses are dealing with chronically low numbers of registrations… simple supply and demand has driven prices up.

Car dealers have never seen a time when used cars

Continued to increase in value month after month as cars tend to be a depreciation device where the monthly value is usually depreciated in the past few months remembers if you want to buy your car he would tell you the opposite of this. As for the car scrapping program, Ford has increased its prices 3 times in recent months, while other manufacturers have also increased their prices!

I also heard on the car radio that Nationwide is now offering a 125% mortgage again.

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