Psychometric Test results to students of Government Smart Schools commenced by Education minister

 Psychometric Test results to students of Government Smart Schools commenced by Education minister

Punjab School Education minister is well known for the drastic change done in the field of education for government schools.  Moreover, the man also organized various counseling campaigns and met the students and their parents at Government Senior Secondary Smart School Boys and Girls in Bhawanigarh.  Mr. Vijay Inder Singla, known to be the Cabinet Minister and MLA from the Sangrur constituency.    The minister believes that Sangrur constituency is his family.  He is working very well for the overall development of all sections of society.  He states that the Sangrur district would be his personal responsibility.

 The education minister hence worked by utilizing his personal resources.  Yes, the  ‘Psychometric Test’ of about 3500 students studying in 10th and 12th class in government schools was conducted.  This test helps to identify their potential for further studies and career choices.  Mr. Vijay Inder Singla also states that the ‘Psychometric Test’  is for the students of government schools of Sangrur constituency. It is done free of cost for the students. It is done by a reputed company in the field of education ‘Wheebox’.   The test has been conducted under the initiative of the minister for identifying their basic aptitude.    In Fact, his test was conducted online during the Covid Pandemic Protocol for the students.   Moreover, after the test, a separate result report of each student has been prepared. It is available in both Punjabi and English languages.   The main motive of the test for acknowledges the potential of the students.

 The students were being encouraged to choose higher education for their better future. The main aim is to frame their career well.  Hence the bright students get the better scope as per their eligibility.  It helps to take them for their future success.On

  Vijay Inder Singla initiated the reforms introduced by the present government, BPEO Gurmeet Singh.   It also states that it was the decision of Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh led state government.  So to make direct recruitments on administrative posts through Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) for better career opportunities.   It enabled them to join directly as BPEOs and Principals in the education department of various sections.   It is the potential of the right decision which was taking the youth to a high-end career.  Hence major steps have been effectively tapped to enhance the quality of education in government schools.

Naresh Gupta, a lecturer of Chemistry at GSSS Banur, states about the education minister  Vijay Inder  Singla.  He said he has ensured transparency in work and an impartial approach.   Hence in the promotions as well transparency and the minister is discharging his duties well with utmost efficiency. Rajni Bala who was working as SLA at GSSS Mehlan also got a good position.  He said in Public that after the death of her husband Anil Kumar, she was given appointment for the job.  He states that it was all done following the directions of the education minister.  Moreover,this all would be done within a short span of time and he was able to cope with his family and was grateful to  Vijay Inder  Singla for this initiative.

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