Puglia: between beaches, festivals and farms!

 Puglia: between beaches, festivals and farms!

A  holiday in Puglia  means immersing yourself in a truly special reality! Warm, welcoming and friendly people, fantastic sandy and rocky beaches, sunny countryside dotted with vineyards and olive groves, ultra-millenary historic cities, mystical castles, typical products and exceptional dishes and much more!

Compared to other Italian regions, Puglia continues to offer  competitive prices  both for hotels of various types suitable for all budgets and for meals, even in the most renowned coastal resorts in the height of  summer ; from Gargano to Salento! 

Discover with Puglialifestyletravel.com all the best  travel offers for Puglia , especially for the approaching summer ! You will find them all on this page, do not forget to come back often so as not to miss a single one!

Why visit Puglia in all seasons

Because there is a perfect climate all year round, with mild, sunny winters and very dry and hot summers.

From October to May it is suitable for trips out of town both near the sea and in its interior rich in attractions and history such as colorful countryside, medieval villages and mystical castles, it is relatively flat or crossed by gentle hills.

In the summer months , being a vast peninsula, it is characterized by much more fervor on the hundreds of kilometers of coastline of various types, very different from the Gargano to the Land of Bari to the Salento in the Adriatic part, to the part bathed by the Ionian Sea. Here you can see both sunrise and sunset over the sea on the same day, just change coast!

Typical products and dishes also change a lot according to the season, considering the massive internal production of fruit, vegetables, legumes and fish, therefore subject to seasonality. It is also characterized by low prices in comparison to other areas of Italy.

The Gargano and the Tremiti

Mountain and sea

The Gargano Promontory , immediately visible if you enter the region from the north, is the only area in the whole of Puglia that can be defined as mountainous together with the nearby area of ​​Daunia . Nestled between the Tavoliere delle Puglie and the Adriatic Sea, it occupies about 2000 square kilometers of surface.

The coastal towns of Vieste, Peschici and Rodi Garganico are its flagship, being also a perfect starting point and support for visiting both the mountainous part and the beautiful beaches on the promontory. This province is the main producer of wheat and tomatoes; imagine here a fresh pasta with tomato how good it must be!

In front of the Gargano there is the Archipelago of the Tremiti Islands . Inhabited by very few people in winter, they fill up considerably in summer; but despite this they remain little beaten by mass tourism because they are little known, thus guaranteeing a lot of relaxation even in the busiest months.

Land of Bari

Merchant instincts

It occupies the central part of the region, from the border with Basilicata to the Adriatic Sea.

The internal part hosts the hills of the Murgia and a myriad of exceptional villages such as Altamura and Gravina and mystical places such as Canne della Battaglia, Castel del Monte, the Caves of Castellana and Alberobello (don’t miss it really, it’s unique!).

The main coastal cities , in addition to Bari and its typical promenade and ancient village, are Trani , famous for its imposing cathedral on the seashore, Polignano a Mare , famous for its ice cream and for being the birthplace of Domenico Modugno and Monopoli . with its beautiful sandy beaches and its old port almost nestled between the homes of citizens.

Taste the famous orecchiette and in Bari Vecchia you can practice making them on the street with wonderful local ladies!

Cavatelli, focaccia from Bari and lots of fish, shellfish and seafood (even raw) in these parts are really worth trying!


The peninsula in the Peninsula!

Heading further south, past Ostuni , “the white city”, you arrive in the southern part of the region: Salento . Divided between the provinces of Brindisi, Taranto but above all Lecce . Do not miss the baroque historic center of the latter and while walking, stop and have a coffee and a “bocconotto”.

Bathed by both the Adriatic and the Ionian Seas, in Santa Maria di Leuca , at the extreme southern tip of the “heel”, you can even see the effect of the two seas meeting on the surface of the water!

Gallipoli to the west, Otranto to the east (the easternmost point of Italy) are two real gems, especially in the summer months, when they come to life decidedly and the many beaches, structures of various types, (as many for young people as the many campsites) they are filled with joy. In the month of August an incredible number of festivals are concentrated in the various villages; really not to miss even one! The end of August also means Taranta Night in Melpignano , to be tried at least once!

The most beautiful beaches in Puglia!

Here are the most beautiful beaches in the region for a dream beach holiday!

  • Porto Selvaggio, Nardò, Lecce
  • Punta Prosciutto, Porto Cesareo, Lecce
  • Cave of Poetry, Roca, Lecce
  • Costa Ripagnola (Freak Beach), Cozze, Bari
  • Torre Guaceto, Carovigno, Brindisi
  • Port’alga, Polignano a Mare, Bari
  • Jamaica Frescheria, Lizzano, Taranto
  • Porto Ghiacciolo, Monopoli, Bari
  • Faraglioni of Sant’Andrea, Otranto, Lecce
  • Fiordo del Ciolo, Leuca, Lecce
  • Alimini and Frassanito, Otranto, Lecce
  • Bay of the Turks, Otranto, Lecce
  • Baia delle Zagare, Mattinata, Foggia
  • Lama Monachile Polignano A Mare, Bari
  • Cala Matano, Tremiti Islands, Foggia
  • Marina di Ugento, Ugento, Lecce
  • Bauxite * quarry, Otranto Lecce

* It is not the sea, look for it on the web, you will immediately want to dive into it!

Tips for your trip to Puglia

Far from the main tourist destinations there are often fascinating landscapes and enchanting places no less interesting.

  • The Tavoliere delle Puglie , located in the northern part of the region offers truly special agricultural scenarios, where time sometimes seems to have stopped.
  • The Valle d’Itria , in the interior of the region, offers colorful hilly scenarios. Hundreds of ancient farms, forts and ramparts are tangible proof of the period of Feudalism.
  • The Altopiano dell Murge. Located a few tens of kilometers moved inland from the Adriatic coast. An intersection of narrow streets between the rolling hills that connect villages and districts; an up and down of typical Apulian dry stone walls.

Historic centers and ancient villages not to be missed

  • Conversano (Bari): do not miss the Aragonese Castle and the Apulian Romanesque cathedral.
  • Martina Franca (Taranto): the gem of the Itria Valley. it also offers views from above of the surrounding area, dotted with olive groves.
  • Gravina (Bari): very close to the border with Basilicata, cars are prohibited throughout the village.
  • Locorotondo (Bari): second only to Alberobello for the diffusion of the typical Trulli but less crowded.
  • Specchia (Lecce): In the middle of Salento, just 5000 inhabitants, get lost in the village starting perhaps from Piazza de Popolo.
  • Monte Sant’Angelo (Foggia): famous for the Sanctuary of San Michele Arcangelo (UNESCO World Heritage Site), for this reason it has witnessed pilgrimages for well over 1000 years.

Recommended itinerary

Here are some tips for those who prefer an itinerant one to a stationary holiday in a single place. The best way to get around is your own car, to enjoy complete freedom of movement. All the capitals are then connected to each other and to the various towns of each province by trains or buses; available during the day and in the evening but almost non-existent in the middle of the night.

Nights 1 and 2 Gargano : stay in one between Peschici and Vieste (or both), spend a day in the sweet mountains and one at the sea in Baia delle Zagare.

Night 3 Tran i: Stay in a cozy b & b in the old town and make sure you see the wonderful cathedral on the sea both day and night.

Night 4 Bari : here too we advise you to sleep in the picturesque ancient village known as Barivecchia, very close to the central station, port, city center and seafront. For a nearby trip out of town, head towards Altamura and Gravina, and why not Matera in Basilicata, just an hour’s drive from Bari and all on the same road.

Nights 5 and 6 Polignano and Monopoli : just south of Bari, stay in one of the two (or both) and alternatively, to save money you can opt for some nearby villages but more inland, such as Conversano or near Ostuni, the white city. Do not miss the famous Alberobello in the area (one afternoon is enough), the Castellana Caves.

Night 7 Martina Franca : rich in history and with an ancient village that is nothing short of wonderful, it is also known for the Valle d’Itria music festival, in the middle of summer. The culture of wine is strong and ancient here, produced in large quantities in the surrounding countryside.

Night 8 Lecce : Here too you stay in the ancient Baroque-style village, the concentration of buildings and squares of extraordinary beauty is incredible. Make sure you experience it both day and night.

Nights 9 and 10 Salento : choose near which coast you want to stay, whether on the Ionian or the Adriatic coast, this will not prevent you from visiting both. Gallipoli to the west and Otranto to the east are excellent starting points for exploring both the myriad of beaches and coves and the internal part of Salento, made up of truly suggestive villages and districts such as Specchia.

Typical dishes and products

It really offers a lot on a culinary level, from traditional peasant or seafaring dishes to street food, to the most disparate desserts and excellent wine, dishes very often marked by seasonality. Here is what awaits you:


Coffee : common as in many other areas of Italy, in the ubiquitous bars , it often costs less than € 1 and offers croissants, pasticciotti, bocconotti and much more to accompany it.

The bakeries : present everywhere in the region, in addition to bread they sell rustic, focaccia, calzoni, panzerotti, often freshly baked and at low prices.

Street stalls : often present in the evening in the ancient villages, especially in the beautiful seasons or during patronal feasts and festivals, they prepare sandwiches with sausages, rolls and other types of meat, but also pancakes, panzerotti, sweet and savory crepes at very low prices .

Raw fish : in few other areas it is consumed as in these parts. On weekends, for many, the lunchtime aperitif consists of a dish, often bought and consumed by the sea, of black mussels, raw sea urchins, white sea nuts; and again cuttlefish and “curled” octopus but strictly raw and fresh and many other seafood.


Potatoes, rice and mussels : Puglia enclosed in a dish, land and sea, a truly unique mix of local products.

Broad beans and chicory : an ancient dish of the peasant tradition, never scratched by the times because it is simply delicious.

Orecchiette with turnip tops : a classic, but how it is prepared here has no equal, with all strictly local ingredients, there are those who add anchovies in the sauce, ask for them without if you prefer it.

Pezzetti de Cavallo : the horse meat stew is an important dish of Salento cuisine, with peasant traditions, it is often cooked in pignate: terracotta pots.

Cavatelli beans and mussels : another dish that tells us a lot about the ancient bond between sea and land, it can be enjoyed with a spoon, like a soup. Awesome.

Accommodation tips

Puglia continues to offer affordable prices for accommodation compared to other Italian realities. But booking the most popular weeks in advance and sifting through various options given the distant court between some countries, can help you save even more.

The historic centers and ancient villages are now teeming with various types of accommodation: from private apartments more or less luxurious to various b & bs with private and non-private rooms, often with stone vaults, located in restored ancient buildings and with exceptional breakfasts included. Puglia is also very suitable for holidays in the countryside among nature, often in starry structures, with wellness centers and all comforts. Typical are the many farms and farmhouses , scattered throughout the territory, often offering culinary experiences and in contact with the countryside and the truly unique products of the earth.

For a beach holiday then there is only the embarrassment of choice; at reasonable prices you can spend a week or more in summer, often in private apartments or hotels of various types. Clearly in the middle of August the demand is high and tends to increase from year to year made by local tourists, Italians from other regions and more and more foreigners thanks to the many low cost connections, move in time and book as soon as possible for the most popular weeks.

The region boasts one of the most exclusive accommodation facilities in the world: Borgo Egnazia . Located on the Adriatic side, surrounded by centuries-old olive trees and the countryside near the sea, it has often hosted and hosts receptions and parties of magnates, princes and famous celebrities. Prices are high but sometimes out of season, or during the week, you can find much lower rates than usual, we recommend that you do a price search on various sites. If you can, treat yourself to a night or more, literally like kings and queens.

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