Pursuing Cosmetology In The Modern Generation

 Pursuing Cosmetology In The Modern Generation

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Makeup, nail care, hair care, and skin care have been a part of our everyday lives now. It could be a hobby or a desired profession, it is undeniable that makeup has created a big impact on today’s modern generation. Makeup is a form of art that requires imagination and creativity. It has opened big opportunities for aspiring makeup artists, hair stylists, nail artists, and fashionistas to pursue it as a career. 

Cosmetology can be simply termed as the art and science of beauty. Services in this field include hairstyling, skincare, clothing, nail artists, and beauty therapy. Makeups and cosmetics have been such a big influence, especially on young women. It has been shown to benefit everyone in ways no one could imagine would be possible. 

Makeup has shown to be a therapeutic way to transform oneself into the unique beauty of their eyes. Every year, different makeup trends go viral. People try to create their own unique art using makeup and it has shown to be the reason why the makeup and cosmetics industries boomed. Everyone has their unique style and ways of applying makeup, some like it preppy, glam, natural, goth, dark, light, and more. 

If you are interested in cosmetics, makeup styling, hairstyles, nail care, and skincare and feel like it’s more than just a hobby, and if you have the heart to share and showcase your talents, Cosmetology could be a potential profession for you. With over a hundred cosmetology schools in Seattle and all over the USA in just a click away, you can achieve what you desire. 

5 Different Types of Makeup Artists:

  1. Cinematic

These types of makeup artists that work in this field of specialty require the skills to create a makeup look for different themes of a television show, live news, or movie. It is important for artists in cinematic makeup to learn how to do FX makeup skills whether the theme of the show could be horror, thrilling, fantasy, or even just a natural makeup look for actors or anchors in television.

  1. Weddings or Special Occasions

Weddings are known to be the most in-demand event for makeup artists, hair stylists, and everything that includes cosmetics. This type of makeup artist works 1-on-1 with the bride and tries to fit their makeup look to the standards and theme of the bride and her wedding. This job also requires flexibility, different makeup looks you present to your clients could be unapproved and you need to be imaginative and sensitive to what their personal preferences are. 

  1. Advertising Beauty Brands

Many beauty industries have makeup artists in the company that is responsible for advertising and promoting their brand. Advertising could be in many ways, some do vlogs on makeup, skincare, and hair products reviews, some do sales talking in their stores to convince customers to purchase, and even by digital marketing. They also work with models and create various makeup looks for different themes. This job is one of the most important roles in promoting a specific product, especially in the field of cosmetics. 

  1. Fashion

Makeup, hairstyles, and clothes are known as fashion. These types of makeup artists work especially with different models for runways and photoshoot purposes. A fashion makeup artist should be able to collaborate and work effectively with different fashion professionals, such as designers, hairdressers, and photographers to bring an artistic vision come to life. 

  1. Face and Body Painting                                                                                                                               

These types of makeup artists work with fantastical, magical, and cool concepts of makeup. These types of artists could also be seen in cinematic makeup fields working on makeup looks that include the usage of makeup and paint to create art not only on faces but on bodies too.                                                                                                                                               


If you love makeup and enjoy learning it through video tutorials or even just by experimenting on your own and creating your own art. Now is the best time to invest in cosmetology schools or makeup artistry programs. A proper makeup education could help you improve and grow and develop your artistry skills in makeup, hairdressing, fashion clothes, and more, so you can take on the cosmetic artistry specialties career of your dreams. 

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