Rams’ Health And Safety Checklist

 Rams’ Health And Safety Checklist

Health and safety are top priorities in the workplace, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice creativity or cost to achieve them. With the right tools and strategies, you can keep your team healthy and safe while also maximizing productivity, efficiency, and profits. The Rams health and safety checklist has three key steps to achieving just that: Plan, Do, and Improve.

Gas Safety

Gas connections are dangerous. If a gas leak occurs in your home, follow these safety tips: Open doors and windows to clear out smoke or fumes; don’t turn lights on or off, electrical switches on or off, open or close doors; don’t use phones. Do not attempt to extinguish a fire -– phone emergency services. If you cannot leave your property, go to an internal room with no windows -– stay low to avoid possible poisonous gases.

Fire Safety

Make sure your residence hall has working fire alarms on every floor. Don’t hesitate to evacuate if you hear a fire alarm. In an emergency, leave clothing, personal belongings, and other property behind. Proceed immediately to a meeting place designated by your Resident Assistant or Hall Director.

If there is no immediate danger, call 911 from a campus phone or (217) 333-8911 from any phone. Do not re-enter until authorized to do so by University Police and/or staff members trained in emergency procedures.

Emergency Procedures And First Aid Kit

Every organization should have an Emergency Procedures and First Aid Kit. This is where you will keep all first aid equipment (bandages, antiseptics, etc.), as well as relevant information about what to do in different emergency situations. The kit should be kept readily accessible and up-to-date. Be sure to include a phone number for your local emergency services. It’s also good to note that Health and safety important to review these procedures with employees on a regular basis—at least annually.

It can also be useful to take pictures of any workplace hazards or safety equipment, so that employees are able to refer back if they need clarification on how something works or how it should look when operating correctly.

 One example of an essential procedure that every workplace should have is a fire evacuation plan: Everyone needs to know how they would safely evacuate from their building if there was a fire.


A major cause of blocked sinks is poor maintenance of food waste disposal units. Keep them clean and running smoothly with regular cleaning. A blocked sink can lead to worse problems if ignored. You might have a serious clog on your hands, especially if you think a plunger will clear it out—it won’t, as plungers only push material down, not out.

Secure The Premises

Install smoke alarms in every bedroom, hallway or room with a sleeping area, outside every sleeping area, in kitchen and every 20 feet (6 meters) leading to it, in furnace room and any other areas where you have an accumulation of combustible materials such as clothes or paper. Change batteries at least once a year. Provide fire extinguishers on each floor of your home for protection against electrical fires. Store them properly so they are easily seen and accessible.

Keep The Premises Clean

Since rams are susceptible to a wide array of respiratory problems, it’s important for you to keep their barn clean. Dirty air will make them vulnerable to infection, so don’t skimp on cleaning out litter boxes at least once a day and sweeping away sawdust or woodchips in their pens. Since rams are typically cooped up in small spaces for long periods of time, it’s crucial that you provide plenty of room for exercising as well.

Electrical Supply, Switches And Cables

Ensure that all electrical supplies are safe, with switches in working order, cables intact and no exposed wiring. Ensure that plugs/sockets cannot be pulled out of wall/mains sockets by small children. Make sure plugs/socket covers are secured. Broken plugs should be replaced immediately to avoid risk of electric shock or fire.

If you are unsure about whether an electrical supply is safe you can contact your local electricity authority who will be able to assist further or call out a qualified electrical contractor.

Stay On Good Terms With Neighbors And Passers-By

Have your dog wear a visible dog license. Dog-owners are required by law to have their pets licensed, so have your pooch sport his/her tag proudly. Whenever you’re out on walks, be sure your pooch sticks close to you and isn’t causing any ruckus that would anger neighbors or passersby.

 If you notice someone giving you dirty looks, take it as an opportunity to apologize for Fido’s behavior—even if he doesn’t deserve it! A DOG COLLAR WITH YOUR PHONE NUMBER ON IT: If your dog is lost, people will be able to call you with information about where they found him/her. Be sure to put both of your numbers on there in case one is disconnected.

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