Range of LED TV at EcoStar

 Range of LED TV at EcoStar

Android LED TV

LED TV is the device present in almost every house these days. The numerous advantages of Android LED TV over conventional LCD or box TV is the reason behind this fact. These devices serve the dual purpose of watching TV programs and monitoring screens for gaming purposes. Other advantages include 20 to 30 % less power consumption, slim and lightweight body, more long-lasting, easy to deal and lesser heat dissipation. Lower radiation emission makes it more environmentally friendly.

Android LED TV is a further improvement in the technology of LED TV. Along with the advantages of simple LED TV, android LED TV has extra features. These features include high-resolution power, enhanced audio quality, and other smart features. Availability of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and internet access makes these LED TVs smart TVs. LED TV price is a little bit high as compared to simple LED TV. Smart TV prices in Pakistan are rising due to increased demand. However, brands such as EcoStar are offering reasonable LED TV prices in Pakistan.

Best LED TV in Pakistan

There are many brands of electronics which are manufacturing good quality products. One of such brands is EcoStar which is known to manufacture the best-LED TV in Pakistan. EcoStar is launching a wide range of Android LED TVs. This range varies due to size and technology.

65 inch LED TV

The 65 inch TV is making more customers. As far as its features are concerned, it has a 4k ultra HD display with a high-quality audio system. It has Google assistant installed to facilitate operation. Other smart apps are already installed to make it more beneficial. It allows more easy sharing of multimedia files by USB ports, and chrome cast. The smart TV price of a 65 inch TV at EcoStar is about Rs. 165,000.

 50 inch LED TV

Here is the description of a 50 inches LED TV by EcoStar. It is one of the bigger screen LED TVs with UHD 4k resolution. It has licensed Netflix, YouTube, web browsing and Bluetooth features to allow users to have a great experience with friends and family. Frameless design allows limitless visual perception and enriches the watching pleasure. Lesser radiation emission technology helps in maintaining the environment fresh and less tiring for the user. LED prices in Pakistan are dropping due to more demand for smart LED TV. However, the graph of android LED TV prices in Pakistan is experiencing elevation. In this scenario, EcoStar is found to have its prices lowered by 21% in recent past days.

40 inch LED TV

The 40 inches LED TV by EcoStar runs on a system of android 9.0 which makes it quite a good android LED TV. It allows users to enjoy their favorite movies and programs on a high definition display. Along with the FHD video display, it has Dolby audio technology to give its user the next level of sound experience. Google Assistant makes it easier to control LED TV with voice commands. Frameless design allows a feeling of a limitless screen display. The 40 inches LED price in Pakistan by EcoStar is only Rs. 55,900. It is the most appropriate LED TV price in Pakistan for 2022.

32 inch LED TV

For small rooms and areas, a bigger screen LED TV does not look attractive. So for small rooms, a small screen 32 inches LED TV is a good choice. It has an elegant glossy design to add richness to the décor of the vicinity. Although it has a smaller display yet its video quality is no lesser than any bigger LED TV. Images are refined to enhance the contrast of the display. It has two input alternatives for its user i.e. USB ports and HDMI. With an 8% discount offer, EcoStar LED 32 inch price in Pakistan is about Rs. 26,900 and Rs. 27,500. Even though smart LED TV prices in Pakistan are increasing, it may be a wonderful opportunity to buy smart LED TV at such a low price.


The best android LED TV is the one that is according to your budget and room size. All the android LED TVs present in the range of EcoStar are of premium quality. It depends on your choice of technology and the type of technology you can afford. However, the prices of smart TVs by EcoStar are quite affordable. Anyone who purchases from EcoStar will get a discount of 7 to 8 % these days. The brands have the best before and after-sale services. They have excellent repair and replacement services for the customers. Customers are allowed to criticize positively. The team of EcoStar responded in quick time to the queries.

As it is the season of discounts, it would be the best opportunity to grab smart TV for your house or place. Not just for your place, even if you are about to give a gift for the wedding to a friend or family, it would be very nice to choose an android LED TV. 

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