Rank Your YouTube Videos in 2021 [Beginner Guide]

Ranking for YouTube videos works the same way as it does for search engines. You have to incorporate the great SEO tactics and major strategies of keyword researches to get into the race rightly. The hustle of ranking your videos on YouTube could be a mystery to you for sure if you aren’t receiving traffic!

You may use to think that how come PewDiePiegained massive 110 million subscribers or how does the channels grow rapidly and gain millions of subscribers?

Apart from the subscribers, views are also an important part of YouTube, and gaining them over any of your videos could be a great struggle.

The real fact is that YouTube has become the biggest marketing network and people are now using this platform to make money as well. Around 88% of the marketers use YouTube as their marketing channel and about 567,000 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every single day!


Hold on, ranking your videos on YouTube is not that difficult as it looks. YouTube SEO is everything that you need to learn to rank your videos on YouTube in 2021. Here is the shortest guide that every beginner would be looking for!

Add a focused keyword:

The experts from the service of buy essay online UK believe that creating a focused and emphasized keyword is important. Try to stay to the point while creating the title and description.

Keep optimizing the title:

Whether you have uploaded the video or if you are about to upload, ensure to optimize the title with the best-researched keywords. Use SEMrush or Ahrefs, but do check the title’s optimization.

Optimization for description:

You need to optimize your description as well while uploading the video. Keep the engagement of the audience in mind and try to stay use the keywords right at the beginning of your description.

Include the tags:

Don’t forget the Meta tags behind. Put the keywords and short phrases in the ‘tags’ section with which you want your videos to be found. You can use so many variations with the keyword. A phrase like write my essay for me UK students search to tackle their academic projects.

Make longer videos:

Longer videos are always having a high chance of getting more popular among the audience rather than the shorter ones. YouTube is using total view duration as the ranking factor.

Engagement is a must:

Ensure to encourage engagement and try to make people keep watching your videos. Audience retention and comments upon videos are also a ranking factor for YouTube.

Thumbnail is important:

Try to make engaging and creative thumbnails to attract the audience to your videos. If the viewers would find the thumbnail interesting, they will surely click on the video.

Promote the video and channel:

Take the help of your friends and family members to promote the channel and video. Also, ask your social circle to subscribe to your channel and share your videos.


This short guide would help you to learn the basics of ranking videos on YouTube in 2021. Ensure to follow the guidelines of YouTube SEO with keenness and vigilance to grow your channel, subscribers, and views quickly.


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