Ready-Mix Concrete Driveways – A Buyer’s Guide

 Ready-Mix Concrete Driveways – A Buyer’s Guide

When running a construction project, there are many things to consider to ensure seamless execution of the tasks and derive desired outcomes. Concrete is a highly versatile and robust construction material, making it ideal for several projects like driveways, bridges, buildings, etc. Out of different concrete types, Ready-mix concrete is the most suitable for projects like driveways which require vast volumes of concrete. When constructed with the right concrete mix, your driveway will be robust and easy on the eye.

However, not all projects are the same, and neither are their concrete requirements. Consequently, choosing suitable concrete becomes an overwhelming task for many contractors, especially if they are undertaking a particular project for the first time.

In this detailed guide, we have mentioned all the factors that you need to consider before ordering concrete for your driveway project.

What To Consider Before Buying Concrete For Driveways

Volume Of Concrete

The first thing you need to determine before ordering the concrete is the volume of concrete that you will require. To ascertain the exact volume of concrete, you will have to measure the dimensions of the concrete pouring area and convert it into cubic meters, the measuring unit of concrete.

There are two simple ways to estimate the volume of concrete. The first is to use an automatic calculator available online, and the second is to contact a reputed concrete provider and sharing the dimensions with them.

Incorrect volume calculation can lead to costly delays and missed deadlines. Hence, every contractor must take this seriously measure the concrete volume meticulously.


Depending on various factors such as temperature etc., the moisture content of the concrete varies in different projects. Hence, before placing an order for your concrete mix, you and your supplier must agree on the level of moisture required.
Since water can easily be added to the mix even after the delivery, it is always advisable to order a drier combination. However, the mixture shouldn’t also be too dry that the pouring process becomes complex.

Additional Concrete

Experts always recommend keeping provisions for spillage & wastage in mind while ordering the concrete. Ideally, contractors should buy 5-10% more concrete than their total requirements to allow breathing room for unaccounted waste.

Concrete Density

As mentioned earlier, no construction project is the same; therefore, the desired concrete density would be different for different driveway projects. However, since driveways are generally heavy load-bearing structures, keeping the concrete density higher than other projects is recommended.

Other Factors To Consider

Concrete Supplier

It is no secret that concrete is the foundation of any project and its strength & durability determine the overall quality of the construction. Therefore, it is advisable not to cut corners and choose the best supplier in your area when it comes to concrete buying.

Hiring a reputable supplier for your concrete requirements makes the factual acquisition a lot easier for you. Since they are industry experts, their team will precisely determine which concrete solutions will best suit your needs.

Moreover, renowned concrete agencies also can maintain good communication with the clients, which will ensure all the doubts are queries are resolved in minimum time.

It is also recommended to choose a company that is located near to the site. Choosing a local company brings down the Ready mix concrete price by eliminating commute costs and prevent costly delays due to the late arrival of concrete.

Concrete Delivery

Once you have selected a concrete company for your project, the next step is to discuss the delivery and pouring schedule with them. Delays can often lead to increased Ready mix concrete price; hence it is essential to keep the site entirely ready for concrete delivery.

Concrete pouring is a lengthy process and may consume many hours, ultimately delaying the deadlines. To avoid such hassles, it is recommended to hire a concrete pump from your supplier, which will allow you to get the job done in minimal time.

Curing Time

Curing is an essential process in concrete construction. When not done correctly, it can negatively affect the structural integrity of your structure.

Weather conditions primarily affect the curing duration of the concrete. If the weather conditions are cold, poured concrete may need one and half hours to cure, and in warmer conditions, it may take less than an hour.

Concluding Thoughts

Ordering Ready-mixed concrete can prove to be a complex project, especially if you are undertaking a driveway project for the first time. However, the factors mentioned above should ease the procedure for you to help you select the correct concrete mix and quantity for your driveway construction.

Julia Hendon

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