Real estate agent commission rate in Pakistan

 Real estate agent commission rate in Pakistan

 In this article, you will know the real estate agent commission rate in Pakistan. Every business needs an expert to run it. Similarly, real estate agents are particular persons who use their expertise in the real estate market and charge specific and negotiable fees as commission. You might have wondered about the commission rate of real estate agents. However, it varies according to country, city, market, etc. Read more about blue world city Islamabad.

For example, the commission rate of agents in Pakistan is different from the rate of real estate agents in the USA. Similarly, in Pakistan, the rate of commission is additional in Lahore and different in Islamabad. The commission rate also changes with the market flexibility as no one can deny the dynamic nature of the real estate market. When the demand is high, they charge a high commission and vice versa. Read more about Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

Furthermore, these rates are not fixed. You can make an agreeable deal with agents to give you a discount. Regular clients of agents take extra advantage of agents’ masteries. 

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Why do real estate agents charge commission?

Many times investors showed some signs of resistance that why the real estate agents charge commission. However, think for a while; you have a huge capital to invest in the market and the potential to buy residential or commercial plots, but you don’t have the skills to utilize your investments.

Real estate agents are professional individuals who use all their skillspp and experiences to reduce the chances of loss and maximize your profit against your investment. For example, you don’t know whether to invest in Taj residential or Lahore smart city and then they lead you toward the right decision.

Similarly, when you have no knowledge of the housing market, they do all the researches for you. So, in exchange for their services, they demand some compensation as their commission.  Now let’s discuss the real estate agent commission rate in different cities of Pakistan.

Real estate agent commission in Islamabad

The agents in Islamabad charge commission in Islamabad on sale and purchase of the property depends on the nature and location of the property. For example, commercial properties cause higher commissions than residential properties. Usually, real estate agents charge 1 percent of the actual price of the property as their commission. But, with mutual correspondence, it may range from 1 percent to 2 percent. In some cases, the commission on commercial properties surpasses even 2 percent.

 Commission rate of agents in Lahore

The real estate market of Lahore is a bit low as compared to the market of Islamabad. The commission rate of agents in Lahore on residential plots ranges from 0.5 to 2 percent of the property price. As you read above that the charging of commission depends upon the type of property. However, very few deals in Lahore city get the agents to charge more than 1 percent commission.

Agent commission rate in Karachi

The real estate market is really different from other cities of Pakistan. If the property price is under one crore, the agent charges a 2 percent commission on the sale or purchase of that property. However, when the property price out does 1 crore, then anywhere in Pakistan, the agent commission rate lies between 1% and 2%.

These were the agent commission rate on the sale and purchase of the property in Pakistan. Furthermore, there is also a commission rate on rental properties. For example, you want to rent a home; you have to pay commission to the real estate agent.

Commission rate on rental properties in Pakistan

As commission on sale and purchase of the properties varies from city to city and counrty to country, so does on rental properties. On closing of the rental deal in Islamabad, the agents charge half of the one-month rent as commission. Sometimes with the mutual deal, they receive the amount of 1 month’s rent as their commission. 

In Lahore, if you want to rent a home, the commission rate of the real estate agents is the amount of one month’s rent. However, the commission can also be reduced to half of the one month’s rent.

In Karachi, the market is so fluctuating. It is an affordable city where you can easily rent a house at meager commission rates. In the famous city, the agents charge commission on both landlord and tenants. However, there is no uniformity in the rate of commission in Karachi.


The real estate agent commission rate in Pakistan may get higher or lower with the passage of time and real estate market flurry. However, sigma properties always bring you easiness in your property dealings.

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