7 Reasons to Purchase CC Coins NOW!

 7 Reasons to Purchase CC Coins NOW!

CC Coin, or CitizenChat Coin is the native digital coin for the CitizenChat platform. It’s a cryptocurrency that can be used as a blockchain-based payment system for in-app transactions within the CitizenChat ecosystem. The plans for use of the CC coin outside the app are also in place.

Everything you want to know about the CitizenChat coin can be found at https://citizenchat.com. In this article, we will discuss the top 7 reasons or benefits of investing in CC coins.

Why invest in CitizenChat coins?

CitizenChat coin is the native digital coin for the CitizenChat platform and gives access to all the existing and upcoming features of the CitizenChat project as well as ownership in the platform.

1. CitizenChat Mobile App

Of course, the biggest advantage of investing in the CC coin is exclusive and seamless access to the CitizenChat mobile app, including many premium features such as paid memberships, etc. CitizenChat is a next-gen mobile app platform for socialising, learning and growing together and offers many advanced and industry-first features, including live, in-chat translations with 100+ language support, free audio & video calls, in-app video editing and sharing, AI-curated content, online courses, and an extremely efficient & quick search.

Download and use CitizenChat app for finding, connecting and socialising with anyone, anywhere in the world with complete privacy and high data security.

2. One Digital Coin for All Payments

As a digital currency, CC coin can be used for payments and money transfers to any user of the CitizenChat app. And since it uses blockchain technology, all transactions are immensely secure and free of middlemen and borders. In other words, send money to anyone, anywhere in the world at a very low cost.

Some of the uses of the CC coin as a digital currency will include fee payment, purchase & trade NFTs, buy courses online, money transfer, etc.

3. Sound Strategy for Boosting Coin Valuation

One of the unique selling points of the CitizenChat coin is its wonderful growth strategy aimed at improving the coin valuation and stabilisation with time. This involves burning tokens at regular intervals in order to reduce and regulate the supply and increase/stabilise the coin price over time. This will help increase valuation for the investors and reduce volatility by stabilising the coin price.

4. Ownership in CitizenChat Platform

One of the biggest advantages of buying CC coins is that you’ll get ownership of the platform. 100% of CC coins represent 100% ownership in the CitizenChat platform. So, the more coins you buy and own, the bigger portion of the CitizenChat platform you can own.

5. CC Airdrop

CC airdrop is an event in which you can participate to win free tokens worth up to $100. If you have some time on your hands and are interested in free cryptocurrencies, do join CC airdrop before 15 April.

6. Access to Next-gen Investing, Crypto & NFTs

One of the primary goals of the CitizenChat platform for integrating blockchain technology is to allow easy & secure access to modern investing options like cryptocurrencies and NFTs for the CitizenChat app users. CitizenChat coin holders can seamlessly participate in the trading of NFTs to make huge profits from cutting-edge technologies.

7. A Great Team

It’s difficult to realise even a good project without an equally great team. This is why CitizenChat has a wonderful team of experienced and skilled developers, blockchain professionals, creators, designers and people who genuinely care about helping others.

Want to know more? Visit https://citizenchat.com.

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