Receive text messages online & Temporary phone number for development

 Receive text messages online & Temporary phone number for development

What is a unique number?

A unique phone number is usually a VoIP phone number used for temporary purposes. Numbers are generally used to protect user privacy. Most single numbers forward calls or text messages to the user’s home number and hide the user’s actual phone number. One-time phone numbers are also called temporary phone numbers.

 Our services

Our website provides our users with temporary/one-time numbers for development. We don’t charge you for using our service and you don’t have to wait to Receive Temporary SMS. You are free to use these numbers only to test SMS reception. .

These numbers allow developers easy access to SMS to test and develop SMS products.

What is a toll free number

A toll free number is a service for receiving text messages and voice messages online. Select a phone number from the list and get a verification code (OTP) immediately. These numbers are for testing and training purposes only.

All SMS received online are visible to everyone. Be careful when sending confidential information. If you can’t find the country you’re looking for, check back soon, we’ll be adding new countries slowly.

Our site provides users with toll-free numbers in the Iraq Some SMS are filtered

Why temporary numbers?

Giving your contact information to everyone you meet is not a good idea. A single number adds privacy when communication is required but users do not want to see personal or private numbers. You can use these numbers for testing purposes. It can only be used for testing, nothing else.

Programmers and developers use Temporary Phone Numbers to test different VoIP applications. OTP authentication, IVR settings, SMS processing, etc. can be tested with our service.

How did the service start?

This service started out as a tool for developers to test sending and receiving online text messages and making calls over VoIP. It quickly started to become popular with non-developers. The reason why other people used this website was to protect their privacy when online services ask for their phone number. Sometimes it can be very difficult for users to enter their phone number. This may be due to your fear of spam calls or text messages, or your fear of selling personal information to third parties. Our virtual phone numbers allow users to get US/Canadian numbers toll-free and verify accounts without using their real phone number.

Users should be very careful while using this service. It should not be used for illegal activities. Our system filters text messages containing bank details, money or passwords. We are constantly changing the filter to make this platform safe. This service is like a public phone number. All virtual numbers can receive SMS from anywhere in the world.

reliability and speed

All messages received from our virtual numbers are displayed on our website immediately and without delay. We source all our numbers from trusted VoIP providers, so message delivery is instant. Unlike other websites that make you wait 5-10 minutes, we show incoming messages immediately. Messages are filtered.

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