Reduce Hair Thinning & Loss with Daily Lifestyle Changes

 Reduce Hair Thinning & Loss with Daily Lifestyle Changes

We swallow small capsules of vitamins and supplements in hopes of restoring volume and strengthening our hair. But if you look closely at what these pills are made of, you will see that they contain the same nutrients that we can get in our diet and are produced in our body. However, many people avoid making lifestyle changes to Reduce Hair Thinning and hair loss.

It is easy to say that the journey of hair growth is nothing more than nourishing the scalp and hair shaft, ensuring adequate hydration, nutrition and hygiene to encourage healthy hair growth.

But in the devastating face of hair loss, one looks at external methods to curb the amount of hair fall, when – as with all diseases and ailments – the most useful solutions start with oneself.

Will changing my diet reduce hair loss?

Studies encourage addressing nutritional deficiencies in patients to try and prevent hair loss, rather than resorting to supplements to support hair growth. What does this tell us?

How about hair-washing frequency?

Excessive washing of hair can make hair brittle, weak. Some studies have shown that excessive grooming or using an excessive amount of shampoo damages the hair fiber.

Hair care products contain chemicals that can damage our hair; That’s why it’s important to look for hair products for our hair type. The specific ingredients used in some products can dry out hair strands, and this leads to fragile ends.

In addition to shampoo formulas and hair washing frequency, it’s important to identify potential areas of improvement in your hair care routine. For example, if you often find yourself with frizzy hair and still use a hot curling iron or hair straightener every morning, you may want to reconsider heat styling tools. These burn the hair fibers, causing unwanted split ends and resulting in frizzy, lifeless hair.

Change up your daily routine with natural hair care Products with some good hair care tips.

What should you eat more of?

Nutrients like proteins, vitamins, and minerals are essential in our daily life. They provide energy, regulate our body’s metabolism, and maintain our body’s health in every way possible, and they contribute to the health of our hair and scalp.

It is important to have a diet rich in proteins and vitamins to grow long and healthy hair. Proteins such as eggs, fish and chicken are known to contribute to hair regrowth, as well as vitamins A to D. Some types of food rich in these vitamins include:

Vitamin A: Known to help promote hair growth. Found in spinach, carrots and lettuce.

Vitamins B: Biotin in particular, increases the rate at which red blood cells are produced to deliver nutrients to the hair follicles. Found in a wide range of foods such as seafood, meat and whole grains.

Vitamin C: Antioxidants which are essential for the production of collagen. Found in broccoli, tomatoes and cauliflower.

Vitamin D: A deficiency in this vitamin has been linked to blemish-free alopecia. Found in red meat, dairy products and fish.

Some studies have also shown that deficiencies in minerals such as iron or zinc may contribute to the amount of hair loss in participants, especially in women. Important minerals are important for helping maintain many bodily functions; Hence it is essential to stock up on minerals in our diet.

The hair makeup

An oversimplification of hair makeup is that it is composed of a protein called keratin, formed when hair is an amalgamation of old or dead stem cells. These cells are thrust up from the hair follicle and exposed as the hair shaft which is the part of the hair that is above the skin. You may switch to alternative options like the best natural keratin hair serum for quick results.

The cells here then undergo keratinization, where they are combined with proteins called hairs.

How are these cells nourished? Like our bodies, cells need to obtain nutrients, proteins, and molecules to regulate the cell multiplication process, which is called the “reproductive” process, allowing them to give rise to new and healthy cells.  The more nutrient-rich foods we consume, the healthier and stronger our body becomes and in turn the cells are formed.

Just as bodybuilders increase their protein and carbohydrate intake to strengthen their muscles and increase their pecs, diet makes up a large part of growth and development in our bodies, including our hair.

Can smoking really effect on hair loss?

Yes, it does. Cigarette smoking already has negative long-term effects on our immune and respiratory systems, not to mention negative effects on our other bodily functions, including healthy hair growth. If you have a poor immune system, your rate of hair loss can increase significantly.

Researchers studying the effects of smoking have linked hair loss with toxins in cigarettes and cigarette smoke, including effects on hair follicles, dermal papillae, and the regeneration of healthy hair cells.

Know the reason behind hair loss

Hair loss is an extremely complex, multifactorial yet natural phenomenon that occurs to anyone regardless of age, and there can be many underlying causes that lead to significant hair loss or thinning.

When certain natural remedies herbal extracts or hair treatments mask fails to address hair loss, make an appointment with your doctor or hair specialist for practical and customized hair loss solutions that best suit your needs. Schedule a consultation with our Trichologist today for your scalp assessment and a suitable scalp treatment plan for you.

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