Reinvent Enterprise Training Using DiSTI’s Virtual Reality Solutions

 Reinvent Enterprise Training Using DiSTI’s Virtual Reality Solutions

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The DiSTI Corporation is a pioneer in virtual reality solutions and HMI development software that enables companies to enhance their User Interface and streamline their training processes. DiSTI’s virtual training development platform, VE Studio®, allows you to create complex and immersive commercial and military training applications with the ability to deploy them onto a variety of devices.

VE Studio® is equipped with features that allow rapid prototyping and enable companies to scale their training across their enterprise quickly and cost-effectively. DiSTI’s VE Studio® allows rapid iteration and a virtual training prototype quickly, then scale it to a complete production system with thousands of procedures.

The architecture of VE Studio® is designed to handle the most straightforward part-task trainers and the most complex equipment such as aircraft and weapons systems. VE Studio® is a commercial, off-the-shelf solution that is backed by powerful productivity tools and processes that facilitate any virtual training project delivery.

DiSTI’s virtual training development platform, VE Studio®, is backed by a proven database architecture, development processes, and productivity tools available to customers. VE Studio® is beneficial for Program Managers, Software Engineers, and Content Developers. It combines development workflow best practices with innovative tools and components that make building complex virtual training applications more accessible, faster, and less expensive.

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The constant evolution of virtual reality training applications combined with the growing demand for high-impact and cost-effective virtual reality training has led HP Inc. to announce an alliance with the DiSTI Corporation. The DiSTI Corporation is the leading global provider of VT and advanced human-machine interface development solutions. 

HP Inc and DiSTI aim to work together to develop unique VR training solutions for enterprise customers. The companies will focus on maintenance and operations training for complex systems such as vehicles, aircraft, and industrial equipment.

Virtual Reality training has positively impacted employee recruiting and retention for enterprise customers. Virtual Reality developers can harness  VE Studio®’s expertise to create and interact with complex simulations, a form of participatory learning that is more effective than traditional training programs. HP’s Z VR Backpack is the most powerful wearable PC Virtual Reality has ever created, facilitating training, making it more seamless and realistic with an untethered VR experience.

Virtual Reality is paving the way for tremendous growth for companies to reinvent workflows and unleash innovation. HP has developed powerful commercial VR capabilities, and partnering with DiSTI empowers them to create the immersive experiences of the future. HP’s versatile and high-powered devices, when combined with DiSTI’s VE Studio® development platform, allow the companies to create cost-effective VR training solutions that safely replicate real-world environments and processes in rich detail.

HP and DiSTI aim to offer end-to-end enterprise virtual training solutions from development to deployment based on HP’s VR-ready hardware and DiSTI’s VE Studio® Development Platform. VE Studio® enables customers to develop their virtual training applications or have DiSTI, and HP professional services teams assist in designing and building their solutions.

HP has a comprehensive hardware portfolio featuring HP Z Desktop Workstations, including the most powerful workstations on the planet4 – the HP Z8 Workstation, the HP ZBook 17 Mobile Workstation, and the HP Z VR Backpack, the world’s first professional wearable VR PC5. 

VE Studio® enables rapid and cost-effective development and creates authentic, hands-on experiences, while HP hardware seamlessly delivers them via fast processing power and high-fidelity graphics.

The market demand for enterprise-level virtual training solutions can be achieved through a virtual training development platform, VE Studio®, that can be rapidly implemented is cost-effective, and can be developed and managed by internal staff. 

Global industry leaders have identified VE Studio® as the prime tool needed to implement VR-enabled training that facilitates the development and scalable deployment while cutting costs. The alliance between HP and DiSTI enables them to enhance virtual internship by establishing a VR – unit that accelerates industry adoption of VR Training.


The DiSTI Corporation has been developing 3D virtual training solutions for companies such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Nissan Motors. DiSTI has developed a patented and proven database-driven development platform called VE Studio®, which dramatically reduces the time and cost of developing 3D training solutions and allows content reusability for delivery to desktop, mobile, and virtual reality devices. Integrating DiSTI’s VE Studio®  with HP’s VR-ready products allows the companies to offer a cost-effective end-to-end training solution to enterprise customers.

DiSTI’s UI software and virtual training solutions aid developers and designers alike with the pressures of workflow efficiency without compromising on quality, value, flexibility, or performance. The DiSTI Corporation’s services and products are tailored to clients to meet demanding delivery,  budget constraints, and stringent application requirements.

The DiSTI Corporation provides both turn-key and customized HMI software and 3D virtual maintenance training solutions for embedded target systems, desktop, mobile, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

DiSTI’s software products and professional services have pioneered the advancement of UIs and virtual maintenance training for Global 500 companies, military organizations, and commercial clientele worldwide.

DiSTI software and solutions are highly adaptable and can be implemented into virtually any industry with a need for user interfaces or maintenance training, including sectors such as Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Energy, Industrial, Medical, Maritime, and Transportation.

DiSTI’s UI software and virtual training solutions enable developers and designers alike with the pressures of workflow efficiency without compromising on quality, value, flexibility, or performance. Leverage DiSTI’s expert services and software tailored to meet demanding delivery deadlines, budget constraints, and stringent application requirements while offering them options to customize services specific to their business.

The DiSTI Corporation aims to deliver products and services of unparalleled quality, unprecedented re-usability, and unbeatable performance to its customers. The company is committed to establishing and maintaining a quality management system that focuses on continuous improvement.

DiSTI aims to be the most trusted provider of software and solutions that can transform the interaction with technology and the training process. DiSTI is the global leader in the virtual training development platform and HMI development tools through integrity, inclusive teamwork, and leadership. To learn more about DiSTI’s virtual training solutions, please contact [email protected].

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