Repair and maintenance of air conditioners: Tips from Barsha experts

 Repair and maintenance of air conditioners: Tips from Barsha experts

We are all used to rising temperatures that force us to resort to air-conditioned spaces. However, without regular air conditioning Ac service in al Barsha , we can suddenly find ourselves with a non-working air conditioner on a hot day. That’s why Service Market spoke to MFM Technical Services AC maintenance experts to keep our AC units running all year round.

How often should we service air conditioners? And why?

Regular maintenance is essential for maintaining your device. We typically recommend one major service per year and four other minor services. Regular service benefits include:

Increased reliability: The probability of failure of the AC unit is greatly reduced.

Avoiding Major Problems: Minor problems can cause potential malfunctions. With regular maintenance, possible problems can be identified and prevented in good time.

Better Efficiency: A well-maintained air conditioner performs much better than a neglected one, resulting in lower energy bills for the homeowner. Energy efficiency is also necessary for sustainable living and thus protects the environment.

Extended lifespan: A well-maintained device will need to be replaced less often than a neglected device.

Safe and Healthy Use: Unused air conditioners can cause health problems such as breathing problems and headaches.

Cheaper: Breakdowns often occur at night or at weekends when repair prices are higher. Regular maintenance prevents such incidents.

What kind of regular maintenance can we do ourselves and when should we hire a professional technician?

Homeowners can learn to clean the air filters on the unit themselves. However, we recommend hiring an experienced AC technician for all other inspection and maintenance work.

How should we check our air conditioner to make sure it’s working properly?

You should note the following:

Do you have the desired chilling temperature?

Does the device make any noise?

Is there an odor coming from the cooling vents?

Is the outdoor unit clean?

There are three common Ac service in al Barsha:

The AC unit coils can become clogged with debris. This affects their ability to absorb heat.

Cooling gas can escape and impair the cooling properties of the device.

The device may not be properly maintained, which greatly affects its lifespan and efficiency.

What could be the problem if the air conditioner is working but not cooling properly?

There can be many reasons for this, it could be something as simple as an air filter that needs cleaning or replacing, or it could be a problem with refrigerant efficiency and/or a compressor.

What’s the best way to keep your air conditioner in good condition during the winter with less use?

Regular air conditioning maintenance will help keep it running efficiently all year round.

What services can we expect from a professional service technician? What do you usually do for air conditioning maintenance?

As already mentioned, we offer small and large maintenance work on air conditioning systems. Typical minor routine maintenance includes cleaning or replacing filters, inspecting the compressor and condensate pump, and cleaning the outdoor unit as needed. An important air conditioning service includes cleaning radiators and ducts.

How much can we expect to pay for air conditioning maintenance every year? How much does air conditioning maintenance usually cost?

Low AC maintenance typically starts at 179 dirhams per unit. However, the maximum AC output depends on the size and brand of the device. Customers can easily obtain offers for this via ServiceMarket.

Any tips on how to keep our air conditioner in top condition?

Check AC power regularly for damage to coils or insulation. Also, make sure the vents are open and not obstructing airflow. Finally, be sure to clean the air filters and outdoor heaters regularly.

About MFM Technical Services

MFM Technical Services is the premier property maintenance company in the United Arab Emirates, providing rapid response and commitment to all residential and commercial property maintenance needs. Maintenance company services include property maintenance, reactive building maintenance, water tank cleaning, restaurant hood cleaning and all types of maintenance services related to plumbing, carpentry, electrical testing, roofing, air conditioning and heating. . MFM’s technical services team strives to provide exceptional customer service and value for money in a family-friendly environment. If you’re having trouble with your unit and want to know what the problem is, check out this list of the top 5 most common air conditioning problems Dubai residents face. Or better yet, let a professional do it for you! Hire a highly experienced service company such as MFM Technical Services to inspect the air conditioner. You can also compare different air conditioning Ac service in Mirdif Service Market before booking a professional technician.

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