Factors to Consider When Replacing Exterior Doors

 Factors to Consider When Replacing Exterior Doors

When property owners need to improve their homes’ curb appeal and resale value, exterior doors provide an excellent starting point. While they all serve the same purpose, all doors are not created equal and there are so many choices that it can be tough to pick the right one. Here, homeowners will learn what to consider when purchasing exterior doors.


There are almost as many exterior door styles as there are architectural styles, so there’s sure to be something for everyone who needs an upgrade. No matter which type of door an owner chooses, they should consider a door’s energy efficiency, security, and style. The best doors protect homes from the elements while preventing unauthorized access. And, of course, looking good at the same time is also important. Residential door experts are experienced with Door Replacement, and they are also a great source for recommendations and advice.


Wood, steel, and fiberglass are the most common material options, and each has unique pros and cons. Fiberglass doors are low-maintenance and energy efficient, while wood doors are highly customizable. Finally, steel doors present an affordable, durable option. A homeowner’s choice of materials will depend on their budget, needs, and entry type.

In or out?

Although most outside doors swing inward, that’s not always the case. Outward-swinging exterior doors are becoming more popular, especially in storm-prone areas. An outward-swinging door can’t be blown inside the home, so it provides a stronger defense against high winds. Outward-swinging exterior doors are almost impossible to kick in, which provides additional security.

Lock Type

Deadbolts are a crucial component of a home security plan. They prevent burglars from picking locks with a credit card, but it’s important that they’re properly installed and well anchored. Most home exterior doors have locksets with Grade 2 security ratings, which is a middle-of-the-road rating. When choosing exterior lock styles, consider the family’s budget, safety requirements, and the home’s style.

Warranty Coverage

Warranty length and type will vary by installer and manufacturer, so don’t forget to ask about this type of coverage when evaluating options. A warranty may cover costs associated with various issues, and it can last anywhere from several years to a lifetime. Door installations are costly, and warranties keep homeowners from paying extra when unforeseen complications arise.

Slab or Pre-Hung?

Home exterior doors are sold in two different forms: slab and pre-hung. Most doors sold in home improvement stores are pre-hung. They come with frames and are meant to be installed in existing openings. Conversely, slab doors have no frame, no knob, and no place for hinges. No matter which a homeowner chooses, a professional installer can put these doors in safely and quickly.

Consider These Factors for a Successful Installation

While door installation seems like a minor part of the home remodeling process, the type of door an owner chooses will affect the appearance, energy efficiency, and safety of the entire home. By considering these factors and consulting an installation expert, any homeowner can find the right doors for their home, needs, lifestyle, and budget.

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