Residential Dry Rot – How it starts, and How to stop it

 Residential Dry Rot – How it starts, and How to stop it

Old wooden door frame affected by woodworm. Wood-eating larvae of species of beetle

Residential Dry Rot can be an extremely expensive problem to repair, and it has the potential to damage your home’s structural integrity if left unattended. For these reasons, you need to take every possible step to prevent Dry Rot from forming in your home in the first place. The following guide will help you understand how residential dry rot in Roseville CA develops, and how to stop it before it damages your house or eats up all of your savings.

What is Dry Rot?

Residential dry rot in Roseville CA is not a term you’re likely to find on a list of jargon or real estate lingo; it’s much more likely that you’ll see words like woodworm or wood rot. You can be forgiven for not having heard of residential dry rot before – after all, there aren’t many plumbers advertising residential dry rot repair services in their window. But residential dry rot is exactly what it sounds like: water damage caused by high humidity which leads to mold growth, decay and ultimately structural failure. It may sound dramatic but that’s exactly what happens when water damage goes unchecked – if left untreated, residential dry rot in Roseville CA will lead to significant structural damage over time.

Signs of Dry Rot

Dry rot is caused by fungus called Fusarium. The early stages of dry rot are almost invisible, so you have to look for other signs. Some other signs of dry rot include small holes in your walls or ceiling, bubbling paint on your walls, damage from insects like termites, and cracks in plaster. Watch out for these other signs when looking for an early stage of dry rot in your home. Dry rot can be hard to see until it has gotten severe. If you notice any of these signs, call a dry rot service immediately!

Dry rot services should always be hired if there is any sign of dry rot in your home. These services are very helpful in stopping dry rot before it spreads through your entire house. Dry rot services will help ensure that dry rot does not spread through your entire house, and they will fix dry rot before it becomes too bad. Dry rot is dangerous to humans because it contains toxic chemicals that cause irritation to human skin, eyes, nose, throat and lungs.

Prevention Tips

To stay protected from Dry Rot in your home, preventative measures must be taken. Drying out your home is a good place to start. If you have a damp basement you should use dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture from your basement. 

Regularly check for any water leaks such as roof or plumbing leaks in or around your home. Stains on walls are usually caused by dry rot so having them checked can save you money over time.

Make sure all loose boards are fixed to keep Dry Rot from spreading through your house. If you notice small spots of dry rot you can cover them with paint or putty but if they become larger then consult a professional dry rot service immediately. 

Most professionals will offer free inspections for Dry Rot so take advantage of these services and find out if your home has Dry Rot before it becomes too late! Dry Rot damage can be extensive, expensive and hard to fix. The best way to avoid Dry Rot is regular maintenance. Keep an eye out for early signs of Dry Rot like staining or molding wood that may give off a rotten smell and call a dry rot removal company if you see anything suspicious in your home.

Commercial vs. Residential Dry rot

Dry rot isn’t just a problem for homeowners; dry rot also affects commercial buildings. To prevent dry rot from damaging your home or business, contact Dry Rot Services today! Their professional staff can assess and treat your building for dry rot, protecting both you and your belongings. 

Save Money by Acting Now

Dry rot can spread from room to room in your home. If you have one infested area of your house, you must act quickly in order to prevent further damage from taking place. Dry rot services like ours can help, but often only if you act now. The longer that dry rot is allowed to sit in your house undetected or untreated, the more expensive it will be for you down the road. Don’t let a small problem turn into a large one.

Local Services

It is better for you if you hire a local contractor who can inspect your home promptly. A local inspector is more familiar with local building codes than one in another state or city would be. Ask what their qualifications are and where they were trained. 


If you believe your home has dry rot growing, contact a structural engineer or dry rot specialist right away. Treating dry rot early on is critical. Because dry rot spreads so quickly, it can rapidly destroy walls, support beams, floors and roofs if left untreated.

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