Restaurant Catering Equipment List: The Ultimate Buyers Guide

 Restaurant Catering Equipment List: The Ultimate Buyers Guide

Opening a restaurant may be expensive, especially if you don’t have previous experience. Along with your commercial space lease, licenses and permissions, and marketing expenditures, your list of restaurant catering equipment is one of the most important initial investments to consider.

You need to equip your hosts, servers, and kitchen staff with the right tools they need to get the job done right. But what are the essential tools? It depends on the food you serve and the services you are offering. While you must have a commercial kitchen, there are essentials you can buy yourself.

Let’s learn what essential restaurant catering equipment you need to start your business.

Restaurant Equipment List

Here are the items that you must have to start your business:

1- Ovens:

You need to have an oven that can prepare the food in the way your business wants. For example, you need a French oven if you want to offer French cuisine. It is one of the most important items for any restaurant. Invest in good-quality ovens. If you are planning to do catering other than French cuisine, you need a standard oven. These standard ovens may be target tops convection ovens, microwave ovens, toaster ovens etc.

2- Ranges and ventilation:

If you plan to start a restaurant that serves culinary food, you need a very good ventilation system. It is also one of the most important items in a restaurant. The ventilation system keeps the air pure and clean in the kitchen area and prevents the spread of germs and diseases.

A commercial stove is a great idea for your business, even if you are not planning to specialize in any particular type of cuisine. Ranges need to be cleaned often to prevent cooking fat from building up. If you don’t do this, they may ignite while in use.

3- Dishwashing machine:

You will need a dishwasher to provide clean plates and utensils essential for any restaurant operation. You can either buy a cheap dishwasher or hire an expert to fix and maintain it. Whatever you choose, ensure that the machine is in good working condition.

A good commercial dishwasher will save you time and money. It will also improve your customer service satisfaction rates.

4- Refrigeration:

You will need a refrigerator capable of maintaining the food at the required temperature. You should have it installed in your restaurant or hire an expert to fix and maintain it. A commercial refrigerator is more expensive than a regular refrigerator because it has special features designed for commercial cooking. However, having one will provide you with peace of mind and improve your business growth rate as it will reduce food spoilage and enhance food safety.

5- Counters and stoves:

If you are going to open a catering business, you will need a counter and stoves. Counters should be large enough for your operations and appliances. You should also have the correct electrical outlets for your appliances.

You can get commercial counters from any of your suppliers that deal with kitchen equipment in Dubai. Stoves should have enough space to accommodate the pots and pans you need to cook various dishes. Therefore, you will have to get an electric range and a gas range.

6- Food processors and Toasters:

A food processor helps you prepare various dishes and can be a money-saving device. Food processors range from small to large. If you want to start a restaurant, you should get a large one that can handle the amount of food prepared in your restaurant.

Ensure the processor has enough power, speed, and safety features if the machine gets overworked. In addition, you will need a toaster if you will offer breakfast items and snacks. Whether it serves breakfast or snacks, a toaster can help you save time and add variety to your menu.

8- Food thermometers:

You will need a food thermometer to measure the temperatures of your dishes. It is used to check the temperatures of different foods ranging from turkey to milk and everything in between.

It is also used to make sure that the meals cooked have the right levels of minerals and vitamins. The food thermometer should be accurate enough and should have an accurate reading of Fahrenheit and Celsius. You must have both models because they can differ in size, design, and reading temperature ranges.

9- Mixers:

Mixers include blenders and food processors. Blenders help you chop ingredients while food processors help you prepare various dishes, such as making meatloaf. Commercial blenders are used to blend different kinds of liquids and mixtures such as soup, ice creams, and smoothies. They should have a processing bowl that is large enough to accommodate the ingredients being blended.

10- Storage racks and shelving:

You will need storage and shelving for commercial kitchen equipment. You should have the correct size of racks and shelves based on the dimensions of your kitchen space and the food you intend to store.

You can get storage racks from any of your suppliers that deal with commercial kitchen equipment in Dubai. Usually, they are customizable and can be fitted according to the space available in your commercial kitchen.

Final Thoughts

With this essential restaurant catering equipment, you will be able to start your business. However, you must check the prices of any commercial kitchen on your budget before you buy it. This is one way to determine the best equipment for your business once you have finalized your budget and choose the best items from the list provided above based on the price.

Moreover, you need to contact professional kitchen equipment suppliers if you are not an expert yourself. We recommend hiring Marox as they are one of the best catering equipment suppliers in Dubai.

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