Rife Machine Frequency – The key to effective frequency therapy

 Rife Machine Frequency – The key to effective frequency therapy

We all know that it is very important to deal with major illnesses as soon as possible, but many people don’t have a clue about the best way to do this. 

Most of us are aware of how expensive regular treatment can be, and there is no guarantee that it will work anyway. What if you could find an alternative energy healing?

Rife Machine Frequency is an effective alternative healing method for various ailments with energy frequency therapy.

The Rife Machine Frequency is an PEMF therapy device that uses frequencies to stimulate the body’s organs and tissues, thus helping them recover faster.

What is Rife Machine Frequency?

The Rife machine frequency, also known as the Royal Rife frequency, was developed by Dr. Royal Raymond Rife (1888 – 1971). He is considered to have been one of the most brilliant scientists in history and a pioneer in frequency healing & energy therapy. He has discovered that each microorganism has its own specific frequency, which it cannot resist when exposed to that particular frequency. 

Why Rife Machine Frequency?

The Rife machine frequency is considered to be a breakthrough in the field of alternative medicine. It can easily kill bacteria, viruses, and parasites without causing damage to healthy cells. While it’s true that this energy therapy is only effective against particular pathogens, it’s still a great way for people to protect themselves from any type of disease.

This method has been proven effective on the basis of the research conducted by Dr. Royal Rife, and it is so far the only treatment that is known to be capable of healing cancer naturally without harming healthy cells in the body.

How does Rife Machine Frequency Work?

The Rife machine frequency works by exposing the pathogens to radio-frequency energy, which can destroy them without harming the healthy cells in the human body. Latest devices like Qi Coil use quantum frequencies and higher quantum frequencies to treat a vast range of diseases.

The Rife machine frequency is known to emit several different frequencies directed towards the targeted cells and destroy them. It uses the concept of resonance that comes from physics to destroy pathogens.

With each frequency affecting its own unique set or group of microorganisms, this treatment method can effectively destroy these dangerous pathogens.

That means it would be possible for you to easily heal many different diseases with just one Rife machine frequency device instead of using several specific devices.

The Key to Effective Frequency Treatment with Rife Machine Frequency

When you are looking for a natural energy therapy, it is very important to know which frequencies are best for that particular ailment .

The main reason why most people fail in their Rife Frequency machine therapy is due to the wrong choice of frequencies.

Rife Practitioners and Researchers have found that some frequencies are better than others for treating specific conditions. This has been confirmed by Dr. Rife in his research papers and publications.

There is a list of rife frequencies that are good for specific conditions. Here is a rife frequency list according to different conditions.

Please have a look at this rife frequencies list and use this as a reference guide only.

(B) Arthritis:

23,24,25 (use once a day for 5 days)

(C) Chronic Fatigue:

7,38,39 (use daily for 30 minutes)

(D) Parasites: (worms etc.)

2,3 (use daily for 30 minutes)

(E) Asthma:

25 (use once a day for 3 days and stop for one day and restart if needed)

(F) Skin:

5,8 (use daily for 20 minutes)

(G) Common Cold:

14,15,16 (use daily for 20 minutes)

How to buy the best Rife Machine Frequency Device?

Rife machine devices are available for online purchase only & it is hard to find the best Rife machine frequency device. It is advisable to get it from a good manufacturer only.

Examples of some good Rife machine frequency devices are Qi Coil 2 Rife Frequency System and also there is the whole transformation system which is ideal for proper healing mind and body.

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