Rose – a symbol of warmth and Love

 Rose – a symbol of warmth and Love


Whenever we decide to give flowers, the one flower that crosses our mind is a rose. This is because roses are considered the king of the flowers and are loved by everyone, making them suitable for gifting.

They are usually tied to symbolize love and romance, but they were also used as a sign of confidentiality in ancient times. Roses were hung from the ceilings of the meeting rooms, stating that whatever information is shared under it remains a secret. 

One hundred fifty different types of rose species are found worldwide, and all have varied uses and significance associated with them. Still, it becomes a tedious job to decide what fits perfectly for all your occasions.

So, to make your job easy, here we will list five different rose types, having beautiful meaning and usage.

1. Red rose

The dearest among all the roses, the red rose is a universal denote of love, used as the best way to portray romantic feelings to someone. So, they are a perfect gift for valentine’s day, for proposing to someone or just to make your person feel special.

Red roses have antibacterial properties, making them suitable for treating various skin problems by making essential oils and pastes.

2. White rose

They are a classic symbol for purity and peace, leading to recurrent usage in marriages and being called the bridal rose. The white roses have their usage recorded way back in the time of Hitler, by the protests against Hitler, signifying pure intentions and peace.

They are a perfect fit in the weddings, for gifting as a sign of peace to end a fight or argument with someone or even to show one’s true feelings toward someone simply

3. Pink rose

These aesthetic flowers are a sign of grace, appreciation, and affection. They were the first color rose to be ever grown and are available in three different shades dark, medium & light.

They are an ideal gift to give someone you highly admire or someone you truly appreciate in your life. In addition, pink. is the favorite color of most women, making it an apt choice to gift any female.

Its petal possesses sedative and antidepressant properties, ideal for treating many stress-related diseases.

4. Yellow rose

Popular as the flower of friendship, this is the rose of friendship, joy, and celebration. They are the perfect type when gifting a friend to express how much you respect and appreciate their friendship or as a form of cheer or joy to a close one on any special occasion. 

But it was the opposite in ancient times; yellow flowers were seen as a sign of jealousy and frustration and were sent to express these emotions.

5. Lavender rose

They are one of the rarest roses to be found, known for their enchanting beauty and thus symbolizing royalty and love at first sight.

It’s a perfect rose when you want to make someone feel how deeply you admire them and how serious they are about them, with gifting these irresistible flowers.

There are different varieties of lavender roses called the blue moon, lavender delight, and angel face melody perfume, all having different shades of lavender and their unique fragrance.


All these beauties can add an extra spark to your occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and most importantly on the day of love, valentines day.

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