Proven rug cleaning methods you can rely on

 Proven rug cleaning methods you can rely on

Rugs add charm & beauty to your rooms with their intricate designs and resplendent colors. Rugs offer a comfortable & safe surface to walk on either barefoot or with socks. Besides dust, dirt, germs, allergens, pollens, and soil from footwear what settles deep inside the rug’s fabric is bodily sweat & oils. These contaminants slowly start deteriorating the rug’s fibers and trigger skin allergies or cause an outbreak of respiratory diseases like asthma, emphysema, eczema, etc. A full-proof rug cleaning Perth treatment from certified & experienced professionals is what your rug needs when it is damaged & heavily soiled. What’s more important is choosing the apt method of cleaning to attain better results from rug washing & rug repair services.

Importance of rug cleaning – Rug cleaning Perth

Before concluding on what method will be apt for your rugs it is highly crucial to know how salient rug cleaning is and what benefits it serves:

  • Cleaning rugs helps extend the life of rugs; it eliminates the pollutants that are embedded deep inside the rug’s surface that fasten the aging process.
  • Rug cleaning helps enhance the rug’s texture and brings its original shine back. Additionally, professional treatment will give you a spotlessly clean area rug.
  • Helps eliminate odor and facilitates a pleasant atmosphere at home.
  • A clean rug is ready to act as an air duct by trapping pollutants in the air; this helps the circulation of pure air all over the house.
  • A dirty rug is a playground for microbes that can spread health hazards & pests that can cause a nuisance in your home/office; thus making rug cleaning Perth highly crucial.
  • A healthy, clean, and good-looking rug helps create a long-lasting impression on visitors, friends, guests, clients & acquaintances.
  • A hygienically clean rug promotes mental well-being & creates a peaceful & pleasant atmosphere for inhabitants to thrive in.

Reliable rug washing techniques:

Experts are trained & experienced in rug cleaning; with profound knowledge, they have clean rugs efficiently so that rug owners can enjoy the comfort & beauty of rugs eternally. Here are a few techniques experts depend upon to clean & repair rugs:

Hot water extraction method- Also popularly known as the steam cleaning method is the most preferred form of rug washing. In this process, a steamer is used to exterminate germs & eliminate allergens from the rug’s fabric. Post-treatment rinsing is compulsory to get rid of chemical residues; excessive water usage slows the drying process hence experts use a dehumidifier to dry rugs swiftly. Drying rugs is very crucial to avoid mold & fungus growth hence this method is not apt for rugs ruined by floodwater and during emergencies.

Dry powder method- This method of rug cleaning has gained a lot of popularity due to the advantage of swift drying. In this process exerts apply dry insolvents on the rug & spray minimal water for the surfactant powder to dissolve and seep into the fabric. Later the powder along with germs & dust is extracted from the rug using a high suction vacuum. Experts highly rely on this method in case of emergencies the only drawback is that it doesn’t ensure deep cleaning and the treatment may leave chemical residues in the rug’s fabric.

Bonneting method- This method of rug cleaning mainly involves cleaning the rug’s surface. A heavy-duty motorized machine with a spinning pad immersed in a cleansing solution is used to clean rugs. Experts use this method for commercial purposes mainly in hotels as it provides a quick fix for rugs damaged by heavy foot friction. Bonneting leaves chemical residues and do not necessarily deep-clean rugs efficiently like the steam cleaning method.

Encapsulation- The encapsulation method is one of the new advancements in rug cleaning. In this method synthetic foam insolvents are used; these detergents crystallize into powder form after a while. Dirt particles start losing the rug and then experts gently brush or vacuum the rug to get rid of allergens completely. The foam encapsulation method involves the use of eco-friendly solutions so the rug’s fabric is not ruined. This method of rug cleaning has almost replaced the shampooing technique as it involves no water usage.

Shampooing- Shampooing rugs is the good old technique of rug cleaning that rug owners can perform at home too. This method is apt for temporary cleaning and requires a lot of time & energy a sit leave foam residues in the rug which are difficult to remove. Furthermore, drying rugs post shampooing is a daunting task and if not done appropriately can ruin the rug enduringly.

While expert rug cleaners mostly prefer dry cleaning & steam rug cleaning one cannot neglect the fact that every method has its own merits & demerits. Experts often prefer customizing rug cleaning techniques depending upon rugs level of damage, rugs fabric, customer’s needs & manufacturer instructions. Rugs when given proper care & attention can enhance the appearance of your décor effortlessly; therefore seeking professional help along with vacuuming & dusting for timely maintenance is the key.


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