Buyer’s Guide to Safest Non-slip Tiles for Bathroom

 Buyer’s Guide to Safest Non-slip Tiles for Bathroom

Designing your home can sure be fun for the most part, but it also requires you to put a lot of thought and effort into every element that you choose for your home. For instance, flooring and bathroom flooring in particular. The flooring you choose for your rooms is an important decision you must make, not only should it look ‘pleasing’. But it must also be very comfortable and safe, especially when you are dealing with bathrooms. There are tons of options to choose from when selecting the perfect tiles for bathroom, however, some of you may have a certain demand for the type of flooring you need rather than just a preference. Non-slip tiles are mostly sought after by a lot of people as in bathrooms you are likely to encounter wet tiles all the time which can increase the risk of injuries due to falls.

Regardless of age and whether some of you may be suffering from a medical condition. Installing non-slip tiles in your bathroom can be a safe option for all. It is suited for the elderly, children, and even disabled individuals. Every flooring option comes with its own set of pros and cons. If you’re looking for bathroom tiles online in the UK. This article can help you narrow down your options and help you find the best ones.

Non-slip vinyl flooring

Traditional vinyl floorings were not designed to be slip-resistant until the non-slip version came out just a couple of years ago. Now it proves as one of the best choices for non-slip tile options. This type of flooring has a coat of a ‘non-slip solution. Which adds to its water resistance and makes it more hard-wearing. This is one of the most affordable slip-resistant options to opt for especially if you were on a budget. Not to mention they are super easy to install and are a great choice for all your DIY projects. This flooring option works well in the bathroom as the surface remains smooth without being as hard or cold as tile flooring, making it much more comfortable for bare feet. 


Similar to non-vinyl cork or bamboo flooring performs just as well with its slip-resistant feature. This option has become quite popular among many households around the world including in the UK. It is super easy to use, maintain, and clean. Due to its washable surface and can provide a super comfortable, cushion feel under your feet. However, if you were to opt for cork flooring, know that it is porous which means it requires sealing to minimize the risk of markings and stains on the surface. The good thing is that maintenance is super easy with this flooring so you can easily sweep or vacuum it regularly. 


Porcelain or ceramic tiles have been going on for decades. And are loved by all for their classic finish and elegant appeal. But that’s not the only reason some people prefer porcelain tiles. In fact, it is also known for being slip-resistant and non-porous. This eliminates the need to glaze the tiles making them water-resistant too. However. bear in mind that not every porcelain tile will be non-slip. You can ensure that by checking the description or label before purchasing the model. For instance, Paloma Porcelain tiles are a great non-slip porcelain tile choice you can install in your bathroom. If things just couldn’t get any better these tiles are even better for those on a budget. Affordable, classy, AND effective in being slip-resistant, what more could you possibly ask for?

Porcelain tiles are also resistant to daily wear and tear and are preferred by most people due to their long-lasting durability. These tiles come in a wide range of colors, designs, patterns, and textures to choose from. So you can easily find a color/design that suits the rest of your bathroom theme. 

The only slight downside is that these tiles can be a bit difficult to install. As they are quite heavy and the non-slip versions may be a tad bit more expensive than traditional porcelain tiles 


Rubber is probably one of the best options when it comes to finding non-slip tiles. It is mostly used by professional buildings in gyms, restaurants as well as households. Though it may not look aesthetic, it happens to be shock resistant. Which means it can hold up well in front of any unexpected furniture, heavy equipment, or water damage.  These tiles are another great option for a fairly easy DIY installation. Not to mention it also requires low maintenance and calls for easy clean-up. Regular mopping and sweeping can easily help you get rid of debris and dust.

Rubber tiles are pretty affordable, to begin with. But some options can tend to be a bit on the high end. Rubber tiles offer extreme comfort and can be an ideal flooring material. This tile option comes with limited options in terms of textures, styles, and colors. Therefore, you may not always be able to find the perfect match for your home. 

Honed Granite

These tiles fall a bit on the pricey side and are considered high-end flooring. But they can prove to be quite effective for the non-slip option. The best feature granite possesses in addition to being non-slip is that it has a noticeably matte finish. Adding to the safety and elegance of your room. Honed Granite is easily available in most tile or home improvement stores in a wide range of colors and styles to choose from. It is also low-maintenance, long-wearing, and extremely durable, which holds up against just about any sort of wear and tear. However, we would recommend you get the quarry tiles only. If your budget is on the high-end side as these tiles are quite expensive. 

Keep these few tips and tricks in mind the next time you are out looking for some non-slip tiles. You can always refer to Your Tiles for more info on finding the best tiles for your bathroom.

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