Safety Tips to Protect Your Property from Home Invasion

 Safety Tips to Protect Your Property from Home Invasion

Are you aware that over one million burglaries occur in the US yearly? If there is something that the coronavirus pandemic has taught us, we need to be well prepared for the worst-case scenarios, mainly when it comes to family and home safety. Securing your house is all about protecting the human asset, which is why you need to do it professionally. Being well-informed of the potential home invasion by incorporating the appropriate security precautions can make a difference between a housebreaker selecting your house or another. Here are the top safety tips you need to consider to protect your property against home raids.

Secure the Doors

Inspect the exterior doors to ensure door frames and hinges are protected and sturdy. This way, it will be challenging for an intruder to access your property. Also, if the door includes a mail slot, make sure it’s well secured so that a thieve can’t use it to unlock the door. It is also advisable to change door locks if you move to a house that accommodated another family before. That way, you won’t have individuals out there with spare keys to your property. House breakers love sliding doors, so ensure yours is well-protected.

Install a Security System

Some property owners choose to forego the idea of installing a centrally-monitored alarm as they believe that the annoyance of false alarms outweighs the benefits. Thieves searching for an ideal crime target would instead choose an unalarmed home rather than an alarmed one because it’s an easy target. 

Installing visible signage of the alarm system in the garden is vital. You can even install an alarm pad in the main bedroom if you need to access the alarm controls or panic button. To assure total security, it would be valuable to choose the best home security camera system.

Keep the Blinds and Curtains Pulled

Windows gives you an incredible view of the outside, but unluckily, they also give intruders a good view of your house. Criminals can monitor through the windows to assess whether homeowners are present or spy for potential burglary targets. 

Luckily, you can safeguard yourself by pulling down the blinds and curtains in any room that doesn’t need natural light. Also, when leaving the house for trips, work, or other errands, remember to pull down the curtains. The other thing is to avoid leaving valuables near the windows.

Lighting up the Landscape

Burglars, vandals, and other crooks don’t love well-lit areas. You can, thus, deter them by having ample outdoor lighting. Consider placing lights along the pathways, near the garage, around the front and backyards, and other essential outdoor structures. Use motion-activated lights and scheduled smart light bulbs if you want effective outdoor security lights.

Install a Smart Lock

Occasionally, it’s possible to forget to lock your home’s entry doors. Here is where installing a smart lock system comes in handy as it lets you assess the status of your doors’ locks remotely. The best thing about this system is that it can remotely lock and unlock the doors.

Secure the Garage

It would help if you remembered to secure the garage because it’s becoming a popular entry point amongst thieves. Some burglars tend to switch their attention to the garage if they find the house inaccessible. So, always ensure that garage doors are properly locked before leaving the house. For example, you can keep the garage door opener in the house. Additionally, if you use a security code to access the garage, make sure that the code remains a secret.

Abolish the Hiding Places

Although shrubs and trees give your house a curb appeal, they also give intruders a perfect hiding spot. Trim the shrubs and trees adjacent to the house to give thieves an ideal cover. It’s sensible to opt for small bushes and flowers. Remove trees near the windows or strengthen the windows’ additional security.

Wrap Up

Identifying how to protect your house doesn’t need to be an uphill task. Get started by using the tips mentioned above and seek out a security camera installation service. Remember, you don’t have to include all tips concurrently. Start by recognizing the crucial ones, and then figure out how to add the others later. Being aware of the possible security dangers and reacting to them early is the best option to keep your property and loved ones secure.

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