Peshawar stands 6th on the rundown of Pakistan’s most crowded urban communities as per the most recent evaluation information. The number of inhabitants in this space expanded from 982,816 to 1,970,042, making a huge heightening of 100.45% in 19 years or less. This populace development keeps Peshawar featured in the general property market in Pakistan, making sense that it remains a top decision for home and interest in KPK. Subsequently, many individuals from neighboring districts move to this city to accomplish a superior way of life and sensible convenience. Buy commercial plots in Lahore Smart City.


In 2007, DHA Peshawar (DHAP) was started as a thought. Yet, after a thorough course of discussions, documentation, and conclusion of various destinations and obtainment of land, it was framed under the demonstration of DHAP in 2009. The ideal spot of DHA Peshawar, close to Warsak Dam Road and Torkham Road, makes it stand top on the rundown of most scanned regions in Peshawar for purchasing plots. This housing society highlights plots in the space size of 5 marla, ten marla, and 1 Kanal plots in various cost ranges. With the end goal of the outline, purchasing five marla plots in DHA Peshawar requires a base venture of PKR 27 lakh, which hasn’t changed in the half-year. Then again, ten marla plots in DHA are accessible at the typical cost of PKR 44 Lakh, with a negligible climb of 2.43% from the main portion of 2019. Buy residential plots in capital smart city.

As per a news report distributed in January 2019, Peshawar Development Authority has conceded the formative work in certain zones of Regi Model Town, after an extraordinary postponement of around 27 years, which makes sense of a significant turnover of 17.78% in the contrived normal cost of 1 Kanal land, i.e., PKR 96.38 Lakh as of now. The typical prices of 5 Marla parcels and 10 Marla plots stayed steady, citing PKR 35.20 Lakh and PKR 57.03 Lakh. The news report additionally expressed that the development work in Zone 3 and Zone 4 has proactively started while Zones 1, 2, and 5 are being cleared for a similar reason. Click here for more information Avalon City.


The capital of the area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Peshawar, is the biggest city in the region. Its set of experiences traces back to around 300 BC, making it perhaps the most seasoned city in Pakistan. Peshawar is regularly known as the ‘City of Flowers.’ It has an expected population of 1.97 million individuals, with a few created and upscale Peshawar areas. Because of its special importance, the land area of Peshawar holds incredible significance, with different speculation projects. With its lovely environment and cordial individuals, there is consistently popularity for property in Peshawar.

Warsak Road:

Warsak Road is one of the most well-known choices for buying a house in Peshawar. Undeniably situated close to Peshawar Ring Road and crossing National Highway (N-5), Warsak Road is generally known for facilitating the city’s absolute best and remarkably planned lodging plans. If you’re keen on putting resources into a house in Peshawar, think about your choices on Warsak Road. The typical cost of 5 marla houses on Warsak Road is between PKR 65 lakh to PKR 1.35 crore. For greater estimated options, you can consider purchasing a ten-marla home that is available to be purchased for PKR 1.6 crore to PKR 3.3 crore. Warsak Road likewise offers places of 1 Kanal for purchasers and investors who can contribute at least PKR 2 crore and a limit of 4 crores.


Hayatabad stands out with regards to purchasing a house in Peshawar. Involving an ideal area on the northern edges of Peshawar and sitting near the boundary of Torkham, the region is a superbly strange combination of metropolitan and country settings. Hayatabad involves seven stages, and this multitude of locations are additionally separated into areas, following the naming show of sequential and mathematical orders. While each location is well known for its exceptional place and conveniences, the society overall flaunts a variety of:

  • Covered streets
  • Rich green parks
  • Gotten private units
  • Top-class instructive organizations
  • Fine diners

Discussing reasonableness, the cost of a five-marla house in Hayatabad is between PKR 1.5 crore to PKR 2.5 crore. Similarly, the price of a ten-marla home lies between PKR 2.8 crore to PKR 4.3 crore. If you are searching for a greater choice, you can choose 1 Kanal house available to be purchased in Hayatabad, assuming your financial plan permits a spend of PKR 4.5 crore to PKR 6.2 crore.


Gulbahar is one more old and arranged housing plan in Peshawar. What’s more, seeing the society making our rundown of top regions for purchasing a house in Peshawar doesn’t shock us. Settled between two of the main supply routes of the city – Peshawar Northern Bypass and National Highway (N-5) – the task offers very reasonable choices concerning residential units.

Purchasing a five-marla house in Gulbahar can cost you PKR 95 lakh to PKR 2.5 crore. On the off chance that you are searching for a generally greater unit, similar to a 10-marla house, you would require a typical financial plan of PKR 1.75 crore to PKR 3.5 crore. Gulbahar likewise includes private units of 1 Kanal, with the standard selling cost of PKR 4.8 crore to 6.3 crores. Invest in 1947 Housing.

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