SAP SD: It’s Components & Features

 SAP SD: It’s Components & Features

SAP SD stands for sales & distribution and it is an important module of SAP. This module is useful in managing the customer and product-related data such as selling, shipping, billing. Etc. To learn further in brief, one can visit SAP SD Training In Noda. In addition, SAP SD is also capable of integrating with other SAP modules such as SAP MM & SAP PP.

Features Of SAP SD

Give below are the features of SAP SD.

  • Pricing & Taxation- With this feature, an SAP user can calculate the cost of goods on the basis of a client’s requirements ad other aspects like discount,s, etc.
  • Availability Check- This feature helps in knowing whether a product is available in the warehouse or not. If available then in what quantity.
  • Billing & Invoices- Billing & invoices are responsible for generating the bills and invoices for a customer.
  • Material Determination- It is useful in getting info about the material used in a product.
  • Credit Management- Credit management helps in maintaining and managing the credit limit for the customers.
  • Account Determination- It helps in knowing about the type of account on the basis of conditions.

Components Of SAP SD

Several institutions provide SAP SD Training In Delhi as this field has wide career opportunities. These are the components or sub-modules of SAP SD.

  • SAP Master Data- It is one of the most significant modules in SAP and it is responsible for recording every activity. In addition, it consists of credit management, pricing conditions, and output records.
  • SAP Sales- Sales module helps in managing and recording the details related to each sale. It records details like customer details, product price, customer feedback. Etc. Sales orders inquire and quotes, scheduling agreements, etc. are some of its other functions.
  • SAP Billing- It is one of the most complicated modules and it is responsible for keeping track of the entire billing data. In addition, it is also useful in manual or automatic invoice creation and providing real-time finance details.
  • SAP Shipping- It is responsible for managing the details of shipping a product to its delivery. In addition, it also records all the methods useful in shipping a product. Generating shipping documents and scheduling delivery, return and transportation are also its functions.
  • SAP Transportation- It is related to the shipping module and it keeps a track of all the data related to the transportation of the products.
  • SAP Support- This module is used in building relations with the customers after the sales. In addition, maintaining information about the contact persons, sales prospects and sales activities is also one of its functions.

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