The Web Version of SBI YONO: It’s Going

 The Web Version of SBI YONO: It’s Going

State Bank of India is the largest bank that is operating in India. A large portion of this bank is owned by the Government of India.

People in India trust this bank blindly. Not just because it is owned by the Government of India. But also because of the reliability and the kind of service that his bank offers.

Right from the basic savings bank account to the credit card and loans every time of services is offered by this. One of the most loved features of this bank is the mobile banking service.

State Bank of India calls this service YONO. The form is YONO is you only need one. This is a high-tech mobile banking app that is available for both iOS and Android users.

Anyone with a bank account with the State Bank of India can use the YONO application. To use it the user will have to enter the username and the password of the SBI internet banking account.

As the app became famous among the customers of the bank. Customer traffic on the internet banking portal might have decreased. Because of the rising popularity of the app.

Looking at this the bank released the web version of SBI YONO. Even this got a good amount of response from the customers.


What is Web Version of SBI YONO?

This is nothing but a version of the YONO which can be used on any web browser. The web version was accessible using both computers and smartphones.

We can also say that the web version of YONO was an alternative to SBI Online. (Internet Banking Services of SBI) That is because you can do almost everything that can be done using the internet banking portal.

And if you are one of the SBI customers who used the web version of SBI YONO. Then I have a bad news for you.

The web version of SBI YONO is going away. The bank is canceling this service.

What does this Mean to the Customers?

The customers of SBI need not worry much because it is just the web version of the YONO which is going away. The mobile app for both iOS and Android is not going anywhere. It is here to stay.

The only thing is the customers will no longer be able to use the YONO on their computers.

The traditional way of accessing the bank account online using internet banking services can be used instead of the web version of YONO.

Is there a Way to Still Access YONO on computer?

There is no way that you can use the YONO on your web browser. And it is almost impossible to run the app on the computer even if your system supports Android apps.

That is because in a recent update State Bank of India rolled out SIM binding. This makes it mandatory to have the SIM card of the registered mobile number in the device to access the services.


This was it all and it is going away. You can check it by yourself. The YONO button on the homepage of SBI Online has been removed. SBI has already started the process of taking down the web version.

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