Scope of pursuing B.Sc in 2021

 Scope of pursuing B.Sc in 2021

A Bachelor’s in Science is a three-year undergraduate degree program that can be pursued by students who have completed senior secondary schooling. This program is often offered in the streams of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. Science has often been termed as a stream of opportunities with high prospects of employment in various sectors. There are a plethora of job opportunities across sectors like research, laboratory technician, food science, pharmaceutical, etc. Pursuing a BSc degree in any discipline of your choice can offer a professionally rewarding outcome.

To know about BSc admission in 2021 in the top university in Dehradun, which is springing up as the educational hub of India.  Also known as the “school capital of India,” it is famous for providing world-class quality education with residential facilities.  The pleasant climate and calming environment make it an excellent place to focus on studies. An inspirational learning environment can help the students learn and grow in their field of life. Dehradun is also home to many universities and colleges that offer highly in-demand B.Sc courses.

In 2021 pursuing a B.Sc course can make you fit to get employed in a range of sectors. Apart from employment, B.Sc graduates can also go for higher studies like MSc or MBA, with an advanced qualification you can take on the senior position in any organization. However, being employment-ready only after a graduation degree is a big deal for young students. A B.Sc degree is offered in a range of specializations that can lead to lucrative job opportunities. Some of the prevalent B.Sc disciplinesare as follows:

B.Sc Chemistry: A three-year undergraduate B.Sc course in chemistry focuses on studying branches of chemistry, including organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, and analytical chemistry. After completing this B.Sc program, the graduates can take on the following job roles:

  • Pharmaceutical/chemical sales
  • Forensic chemist
  • Agricultural chemist
  • Water quality chemist
  • Biochemistry/biotechnology

B.Sc Physics: This course comprises the theoretical and experimental modules of the domain. The academic program focuses on developing a comprehensive understanding of physics fundamentals and modern concepts like quantum mechanics and relativity. A graduate in B.Sc physics can work as the following:

  • Geophysicist /field seismologist
  • Radiation protection practitioner
  • Nanotechnologist
  • Acoustic consultant

B.Sc Mathematics:B.Sc maths is a great career option, and the scope after pursuing an undergraduate program in the same discipline is endless. With a B.Sc in mathematics degree in hand, you can work as the following professional:

  • Computing and IT
  • Banking-Retail banking
  • The actuarial profession
  • Accountancy and professional service
  • Operation research
  • Engineering science

B.Sc Geology:An undergraduate course in geology focuses on the study of each science. The important topics covered are rocks, minerals, solid substances, and their history, composition, and other processes involved. Job positions held by a B.Sc geology graduate are as follows:

  • Hydrogeologist
  • Mine Supervisor
  • Geologist
  • Seismologist

There is a vast scope of B.Sc degree irrespective of the discipline. Each specialization can offer you a range of job opportunities and prospects to go for higher education. Investing your valuable time and effort in pursuing a B.Sc degree can be a wise decision to ensure career growth. Sign in now to know more about the best B.Sc degrees offered by the top-grade universities!

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