Seamless Pipe and Tubes Manufacturing in Pakistan

 Seamless Pipe and Tubes Manufacturing in Pakistan

Seamless Pipe Manufacturers in Pakistan have a wide range of seamless steel pipes for high pressure applications. These products are include in automotive parts where performance depends on reliability and quality. There are Seamless Pipe Manufacturers in Pakistan. Where reliability is important for performance, from bearings to cylinders and gears. The strength and durability of underground components are important.

Seamless Pipe Manufacturers in Pakistan manufacture hot-roll seamless steel pipes according to the size of the parts. This makes it extremely competitive compare to other molding or machining processes. This allows for optimal use of the material.

Our focus is on continually improving the quality of our business. With the latest investment in the final production line, medium-size water treatment processes and induction heating plants are continuing. We provide high quality and customize solutions. Our production approach is a combination of annealing, rolling, drilling and finishing. This guarantees quality control from start to finish. The process of making a seamless pipe involves drilling. (Rotary forging) Heat treatment, test, completion

Manufacturing of seamless pipes

Piercing (rotary forging)

Drilling seamless steel pipes is a method of using metal inside and outside. By rotating and moving the material on the spindle, it transforms a solid rod into a hollow shell. This process provides a fine-grain structure and uniform particle flow. The post-stretching process for seamless pipes involves stretching to achieve the desire wall thickness. Roll to fit the outer diameter and rotation size. To bring the diameter of the pipe closer to the desire final dimension. Monitor these processes to produce pipes with the same surface-to-wall and end-to-end characteristics.

Thermal Treatment

We have several heat treatment plants that develop custom solutions that meet the needs of a wide range of customers. Seamless Pipe Manufacturers in Pakistan have two induction heating plants (ITTF). A continuous heat treatment center (CTTF), a cooling temperature treatment center (QTF). Gambrinus heat treatment center (GTTF), and an advance perfusion heating system.
Recycling Plant (AQTF) medical facility in Canton, Ohio. Seamless Pipe in Pakistan offer a wide range of machining options to meet your strength and stiffness needs. We will continue to develop these properties regarding of the amount of demand. Seamless Pipe Manufacturers in Pakistan are developing our capabilities and expanding our hyperthermia offerings. You can trust Timken Steel for its innovative product design and proven quality.

Check and Finish

The product combines the latest technology with a simple process. This will shorten the delivery time. Seamless Pipe Manufacturers in Pakistan most advance IFL modeling process involves smoothing. Slag, cutting, ultrasonic testing Available vortex testing. Volume testing IFL testing features include hardness, strength, durability, and health testing to suit your needs.


Timken Steel manufactures seamless steel tubes in a wide range of quality levels. Including Ultra Premium and Premium aircraft, bearings, electric furnaces and commercial applications. Seamless Pipe Manufacturers in Pakistan usually produce steel according to AISI standards.

Most of our high quality products are aircraft, rolling bearings. Weapon Steel and Missiles and high lateral mechanical properties These lower limits apply to standard scores. Buyers must order a custom grade as a heat sink. Able to heat special grades of steel of various sizes non-standard.

Heat Processing

Seamless Pipe Manufacturers in Pakistan continue to expand. Seamless Pipe in Pakistan portfolio by developing heat treatment capabilities. using innovative design and proven performance. For more information on general heat treatment conditions Please see the steel glossary page.


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