Secure ways to pay for 2022 and beyond.

 Secure ways to pay for 2022 and beyond.

Secure ways to pay for 2022 and beyond.

Cybercrime is certainly increasing and a lot of the most threatening criminal activities revolve on in-person and online payment methods, in addition to the general theft of identities. As per the Insurance Information Institute (III) the most frequent identity theft-related complaints of the year the year 2020 (32 percentage) were connected to scams that involved federal benefits, like federal stimulus funds. The second most popular type of identity theft was new credit card fraud, accounting for 30 % of the total identity theft claims in the year prior.

Payment methods online that are secure

If you’re trying to ensure that your transactions are as secure as you can when shopping online, you should consider these payment options available online.

Credit cards

The majority of the time credit cards are the safest and secure payment method when shopping online. Credit cards have security features online like fraud monitoring and encryption to protect your account and personal data secure. Many issuers also provide zero fraud liability , which guarantees you’re not in the position of paying one cent for fraudulent transactions which are charged to your credit cards.

Conns Credit Card

Credit cards for stores are popular in the world of electronics, appliances and homeware stores. Although they typically come with high interest rates but with a wide range of benefits that are exclusive and financing options, they can help to boost your purchasing power and help make bigger purchases more affordable thanks to 0 percentage financing options.

Are you making your Conn’s payment or want to log in to see your statement or to manage your online account? If you have your own Conn’s Credit Card and need to pay make sure you read the instructions that follows to help you understand your options for payment.

If you’re planning on using this card to obtain 0 percent financing, you should know how exactly the procedure is carried out. You’ll need to pay minimum monthly payments based on the balance on your purchase, but doing the minimum payment on its own is not enough to cover the purchase completely by the time the financing period is over.

ACH payments

Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments permit you to transfer funds direct out of your account into a bank account. This payment system has a variety of security features to ensure your bank information is secure including encryption and access controls.

Payments via voice

Based on the 2020 What We Will Pay Study by PYMNTS and Visa 23 million customers who have a device that speaks like the Amazon Echo or Google Nest make use of their device to pay for purchases during their everyday routines. If you wish your voice-based payments to be secure, create an account on your credit card that has zero potential for fraud as your primary payment method.

Payment methods in person that are secure

Technology has made in-person transactions more secure than everbefore, particularly when you make payments in person with an mobile device. The following payment methods in person have enhanced security features that can help safeguard your personal information.

Credit cards equipped with EMV chip technology

When you used the option of using your credit card in order to pay in person the majority of credit cards today have EMV chip technology, instead of magnetic strips. With EMV technology the terminal that you pay with reads your card to determine the encrypted, unique information that is transmitted by the chip on the card. Because the encrypted single-use information is different for every payment, EMV technology assists to prevent counterfeiting.

EMV technology has grown rapidly over the last 10 years and has seen rapid growth both across the U.S. and around the globe. According to the standards body EMVCo almost 9 out of 10- (86 percent) of transactions that were conducted using cards were processed using EMV chip-enabled payment cards by 2020.

Credit cards that support contactless payment

Contactless payments utilize the same technology that is used in EMV chips and pins on credit cards. If you have a credit card that can accept contactless payments, you’ll be able to hold your card over the payment terminal , and the terminal will be provided with an encrypted unique code that will be used only once for the transaction.

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic the use of contactless payment was increasing and this trend has been made worse by the outbreak. In the study 2020 How We Will Pay Study 60 percent of customers–148 million people would prefer payment via contactless when they make a purchase when given the option.

Payment apps

Payment applications like PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay and Facebook Pay allow you to keep multiple payment methods together for convenience and security. With a payment app you’ll be able to benefit from features such as multiple-factor authentication and notifications, and even recognition of fingerprints or facial features.

Methods of payment to avoid

Although every payment method has its own disadvantages and disadvantages, debit cards are the most dangerous type of payment. They do provide an advantage of having credit as you don’t need to carry cash or make a payment by check, however, the funds you pay are in fact linked with your account at the bank.

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