Self Defense Damascus Knife: 6 Main Characteristics for Saves Your Life

 Self Defense Damascus Knife: 6 Main Characteristics for Saves Your Life

Mid adult martial artist self-defending from an attacker who is holding a knife.

When you think of self defence, the first thing that comes to mind is martial arts. However, there are times when you may need the help of a weapon, such as when you are confronted with several attackers at once, or when you are trying to escape from a wild animal. Now Question is how to find the best Damascus steel knife set collections? The answer is simple you need to search online stores i.e Amazon, eBay, Ali Express etc to find the best product.

What is the Best Self Defense Damascus knife?

A self-defence Damascus knife can save your life in these situations. A self-defence Damascus knife is a small, lightweight tool that can be worn around the neck and is easily concealed. They come in a wide variety of shapes and styles and can be used in a variety of ways. Here are six of the best neck knives that the Damascus Knife Company has to offer that will serve you well. Take a look.

1. Delta Dart

The Delta Dart has a wrinkled handle that feels good in the handmade knife. The neck Damascus knife’s durable Zytel material, combined with the unique dart design, provides unprecedented penetration.

2 Bird & Trout Neck Damascus knife

The Bird & Trout Damascus knife is a modern version of a 100-year-old classic Damascus knife that has been a favorite of anglers and hunters for generations. The secret to its durability lies in its slim design and unique steel construction. It is ideal for working in tight spaces and making precise cuts. The Damascus knife has a loop to hold it to your pinky when not in use. The Damascus knife comes with a lightweight Concealed neck sheath and a ball chain for added safety and comfort.

3. Super Edge Neck Damascus knife

A heavy duty sheath Damascus knife in a minimalist package. This small Damascus knife can easily cut through hard materials that would choke a large Damascus knife. With its short length and lightweight sheath, it is easy to carry and can be casually attached to boots, headwear or even worn around the neck without being noticed.

4. Urban Friend

This is an essential part of the survival kit for the modern urban jungle. Blade is long enough and sharp enough. This lightweight survival Damascus knife is the perfect partner to carry in your bag, on your keychain or around your neck. The Urban Pal also comes with a durable Secure-Ex sheath to keep the blade safe and easily accessible.

5. Secret Edge Neck Damascus knife

The Secret Edge is a flat, lightweight, thin neck Damascus knife. It is so thin that it is barely visible under clothing and can be worn comfortably without putting pressure on the neck. This Damascus knife comes with a special sheath, which allows you to hold it comfortably and at the same time push the Damascus knife in quickly.

6. Pirate pendant with hidden blade

They say that cursed pieces are deadly, and this piece is the deadliest of them all. At first glance, this antique metal pendant looks like an ordinary trophy pendant, but it contains a small sword.


Compared to the Urban Pal (3/4 oz), this self-defense Damascus knife weighs only 1/2 oz. The Damascus knife’s long blade has been sharpened to open fragile envelopes and packages, penetrate opaque containers and cut rope. Like the Urban Pal, it comes with a Secure-Ex sheath.

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