Sending Secret Messages through Links

 Sending Secret Messages through Links

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Have you ever wanted to send someone a secret message? You can use links as messages, if you know the right way to format them. To send secret messages with links, you need to put a message inside the link and then either send the link or embed it on your website, as long as the recipient knows what to look for. If you want to learn how to send secret messages with links, read on!


Do you ever want to send a message to someone without anyone else knowing? Maybe you want to communicate with a friend without your parents finding out, or maybe you need to share sensitive information with a colleague. Whatever the reason, there are ways to send secret message through links that only the intended recipient will be able to see. Here’s how -Create a link for your message and post it on social media:

  • Share the link privately with your friends
  • Open up an incognito window in Google Chrome and type data: text/html into the URL bar
  • Paste in the URL of your link and hit enter

Why Does This Work?

When you create a link, the URL contains information about where the link is going. By adding a special character to the URL, you can change where the link is going without changing the appearance of the link. These special characters are called parameters and each one does something different:

In this case, the s parameter at the end tells your browser to open a new window or tab with that page instead of loading it in the current window or tab. To do this yourself just go to Google and type in URL+s then add whatever string of letters/numbers you want as long as it doesn’t exceed 255 characters.

The Basics of Hiding A Message in Plain Sight

Hiding a message in plain sight is a great way to keep your communication private. Here are a few tips to get you started with the basics of hiding messages in links:

A) Whenever possible, avoid using common words as part of the link text such as www or http.

B) Try to use either lowercase or uppercase letters or spaces sparingly so that it’s not too obvious what they spell out.

C) You can also try capitalizing letters with one letter per word, or vice versa.

Tips for Using Magic URLs

If you want to send a secret message to someone, you can use a magic URL. Magic URLs are special links that allow you to encode information in the link itself. This means that anyone who clicks on the link will see the hidden message.

Conclusion and Examples

If you want to send a secret message to someone, there are a few different ways you can do it. You can use a cipher, like the Caesar Cipher, to encode your message into a code that only the person you’re sending it to will be able to understand. Or, you can hide your message in an image using steganography. If you’re feeling really sneaky, you can even create a fake website that looks harmless but actually contains your secret message.

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